Ethiopia stamps

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Flag of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a landlocked country located in the Horn of Africa. Officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is the second-most populous nation in Africa with over 79.2 million people and the tenth-largest by area with its 1,100,000 km2. The capital is Addis Ababa. Ethiopia is bordered by Eritrea to the north, Sudan to the west, Djibouti and Somalia to the east, and Kenya to the south.


Scott: #273-7O

Issued: 18.4.1947

50th Anniversary, Ethiopian Postal Service (in 1944)

#5 Inside #273: Ethiopia Type A2 (Pic of #5O)

#3 Inside #274: Ethiopia Type A1 (Pic of #3O)

1895 First Issue -

Martin Hirschbühl wrote: I knew before from my ancient Michel-Catalogue about the first Ethiopian stamps. They are entitled: "Private Mail of Minister Ilg" well....the name sounds somehow "Ethiopian" - isn't it? In fact it was a Swissy.....Ilg is a pretty familiar name here in the East region..... BUT it took me some googeling to find out - now I know:

Scan not available

Scott: #351-4O

Issued: 5.11.1955

Silver Jubilee Fair

Inside #351-4: Stamp on Envelope

# 739-742

Scott: #739-42O

Issued: 19.8.1975

Ethiopian National Postal Museum Opening

Inside #739-42: Stamp Collecting


Scott: #1380-4O

Issued: 4.7.1994

Centenary Ethiopian Postal Service

#4 Inside #1380: Ethiopia #4O

1895 First Issue -

Scott: #1384aO

Thanks to Lloyd Gilbert for the scan

Scott: #1579-82O

Issued: 9.10.2001

Dialogue among Civilizations

Inside #1579-82: Pseudo Stamp on Envelope

Thanks to Lloyd Gilbert

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