Sudan stamps

P=have O=don’t have it

Flag of Sudan

From 1867 till 1897 stamps from Egypt were used in the Sudan. The first stamps for Sudan were issued on 1st March 1897. Sudan was jointly adminstered by Egypt and Great Britain till 1954 when it was granted Self-Government. On the 1st January 1956 Sudan became an independent republic.

Between 1894 and 1896 a post office in Kassala (Cassala) was operated by Italy using stamps of Eritrea.

From 1899 till 1910 Southern Sudan was administered by Uganda and stamps of Uganda or Uganda and East Africa were used in this area.

The Lado Enclave was occupied by the Belgian Congo between 1987 and 1910 and stamps of the Belgian Congo were used in this province.

Scott: #95P

Issued: 1.10.1948

50th Anniversary, Sudanese Stamps

 Inside #95: Sudan #14O

The Camel Postman / Peter Symes

Scott: #96-7O

Issued: 19.12.1948

Opening of the Legislative Assembly

 Inside #96-7: Sudan Type A1 (pic of #14O)

Scott: #278-80O

Issued: 9.9.1974

Centenary, UPU

Inside #278-80: Stamps on Envelopes


Scott: #507O

Issued: 1.3.1998

Centenary of Sudanese First Stamp

 Inside #507: Sudan Type A1O


Scott: #532-4O

Issued: 28.1.2002

Dialogue among Civilizations

Inside #532-4: Pseudo Stamp on Envelope

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