Serbia stamps

(Serbia and Montenegro)

P=have O=don’t have it

Flag of Serbia and Montenegro

Serbia began to issue its own stamps in 1866. This continued until 1920, when its postal system was merged with the postal system of the former Austro-Hungarian territories with which it formed the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

After the establishment of an independent Serbia in 1941, issuing of stamps resumed until 1944. Initially, Yugoslavian stamps were simply overprinted in German with the word Serbien.

From 1944 onwards, Serbia was part of Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia became Serbia & Montenegro Feb.4, 2003 with each section of the country maintaining and operating their own currency.  

Upon the dissolution of the union of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006, Serbia began issuing its own stamps once more.

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cartedf_yougo_1998.gif (43122 octets)


Scott: #196O

Issued: 7.8.2003


Inside #196: Serbia-Montenegro #189aO + #189bO + Label

Thanks to Lou Guadagno


Scott: #212O

Issued: 24.10.2003

Stamp Day

WWF Catalog cover

Inside #212:

St. Thomas and Prince #1053O

Russia #5543P

Indonesia 1383O

Malaysia #541O

Aland (Finland) #124O

Cambodia #1597aO

Michel catalog cover

Serbia #190O

Turkey #2847O

Thanks to Lou Guadagno


Scott: #266O

Issued: 22.10.2004

Stamp Day

Inside #266: Pseudo Stamp


Scott: #277O

Issued: 10.2.2005


#240 Inside #277: Serbia-Montenegro #240O

#242 Inside #277: Serbia-Montenegro #242O

#264 Inside #277: Serbia-Montenegro #264O





Scott: #286-93O

Issued: 31.3.2005

50 Years of the first Europa issue

Inside #286-93: Various Europa Issues (B)


Scott: #289aO


Scott: #293aO

See: Montenegro stamps: 50th Anniversary of the 1st Europa issue


Scott: #318O

Issued: 24.10.2005

Stamp Day


Inside #318: Yugoslavia #265-7P (Yugoslavia)


Scott: #356O

Issued: 24.10.2006

Stamp Day

#1 Inside #356: Serbia #1O

FCD + Sheetlet of 8 with thanks to Miloje Chastven


Scott: #406O

Issued: 24.11.2007

E. Deroko - Stamp Day

[Prince Milan IV, 1854-1901, type C8] Inside #406: Serbia #24O


Scott: #431-2O

Issued: 5.5.2008

Europa – The Letter

#4 Inside #431-2: Serbia #4O

#6 Inside #431-2: Serbia #6O



FCD + Sheetlet of 8 with thanks to Miloje Chastven


Scott: #487P

Issued: 23.10.2009

Stamp Day/100th Anniversary of Michel Catalogs

Note: The illustration is not of a Michel catalog, but one of their interim supplements from December, 1921, which would later become the monthly magazine, the Michel Rundshau. (See bellow)

#137 Inside #487 (On top): Germany #137P

#1-1 Inside #487 (On ship sail): Saxony #1O

#65 Inside #487 (On the right): Czechoslovakia #65P(Czechoslovakia)

#5 Inside #487 (At the bottom): Brunswick #5O (Leaping Horse)

#36 Inside #487 (On the left): Danish West Indies #36O

Thanks to Lou Guadagno and G.B.


The full cover page (from a former eBay-offer) with thanks to Sebastian Wiater

Scott: #522O

Issued: 26.11.2010

Stamp Day - 170 Years of Post of Serbia

#4 Inside #522: Serbia #4O

 Inside #522: Serbia #6O

Scott: Unlisted

Issued: ??.??.2011

Personal stamp

Inside #???: Pseudo Stamp

Scott: #569O

Issued: 25.10.2011

Stamp Day - Beograd Fila - 2011

 Inside #569: Serbia #127O

Thanks to Lou Guadagno and Plinio Richelmi

Scott: Unlisted personal stamp

Issued: 25.04.2012

Srbijafila XV National Philatelic Exhibition

 Inside Serbia #6O$(KGrHqV,!nsE-)ZM2BkuBPwiNuOis!~~60_57.JPG

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

Scott: #610O

Issued: 25.10.2012

Stamp Day

Inside #610: Pseudo Stamp with symbol of the philatelic exhibition in Belgrade 1937

Thanks to Attilio Papio

Scott: #672O

Issued: 23.09.2014

Stamp Day

 Inside #672: Serbia #5O

 Inside #672: Serbia #6O

Thanks to Lou Guadagno and Prof. Plinio Richelmi

serbia    1v+label

Scott: #???-?O

Issued: 05.06.2015

175th Anniversary Serbia Post

 Inside #???: Serbia #5O

#1 Inside #???: Serbia #1O

 Inside #???: Serbia imprinted postal card - TBI

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

Stamp day - Commemorative stamp

Scott: #????P

Issued: 10.12.2015

Stamp day

[King Peter - No.129-133 were Never Issued, type Q] Inside #???: Serbia #132O

[King Peter - No.129-133 were Never Issued, type Q2] Inside #???: Serbia #134O

[King Peter - No.129-133 were Never Issued, type Q3] Inside #???: Serbia #135O

Centenary of the “King Peter in the Battlefield in 1914” Stamp Issue.

The stamp “King Peter in the Battlefield in 1914” was issued in 1915, in the memory of the victory of the Serbian army in the battles fought against the Austro-Hungarian army in the autumn of 1914. On 17 November 1914, when the Serbian soldiers were visited by King Peter I, the then government decided to issue a stamp in honour of this event.

The stamp template was made according to a photo of a war photographer Sampson Tchernoff which was made in the battlefield in Garevica near the village of Darosava (Kolubara County). There are King Peter I, Duke Stepa Stepanović, Prince George and the King’s aide, Colonel Knežević in the photo. The Tchernoff’s photo attracted a great publicity – it was first published in a French magazine “Illustration” (L’Illustration), and afterwards on a war postcard of the French issue.

The stamp “King Peter in the Battlefield in 1914” is the first Serbian stamp where the portrait of a sovereign isn’t presented as a classical portrait from the waist up. This stamp is unique in the world partly because King Peter was the only king at the time to have a photo from the front line.

There is an inscription “Srbija” (“Serbia”) on the upper right side of the stamp, and “Kralj Petar na bojištu 1914. godine” (“King Peter in the Battlefield in 1914”) on the lower side. Engraving and making of cliches for the stamps printing were done in Paris, and the stamps, in seven values (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 50 pa), were printed at the Serbian Government Printing Works in Niš only in early October 1915, due to difficult communication in the war circumstances.

The stamps were then transported from the Printing Works to the central Stamps Depot for distribution which was in Kruševac at the time. Due to the weak postal traffic, the stamps were only sent to post offices in Gornji Milanovac, Ribarska Spa, Podujevo and Kriva Palanka, and when the offensive of the Austro-Hungarian and German armies ensued, post offices and the Stamps Depot in Kruševac had to be evacuated. In Priština in early November, the Post issued these stamps to citizens to use them instead of coins, and that was also done in Prizren, where the Depot was transferred. In Peć, before the retreat of the Serbian army across Albania in late November 1915, these stamps were destroyed – burned.

Artistic realization of the stamp: Jakša Vlahović, academic graphic artist.

Stamp day - First Day Cover

Scott: #???-?P

Issued: 07.06.2016

150th Anniversary First Serbian Stamp

#1 Inside #???: Serbia #1O

#4 Inside #???: Serbia #4O

 Inside #???: Serbia #5O

#6 Inside #???: Serbia #6O

Scott: #???-?O

Thanks to Prof. Plinio Richelmi

Scott: #???-?O

Issued: 11.10.2016

Stamp Day

[EUROPA Stamps - CEPT, type BCM1] Inside #???: Yugoslavia #1004O

[EUROPA Stamps - Monuments, type XPG] Inside #???: Yugoslavia #1371O

serbia     10 8 19

Scott: #????O

Issued: 08.10.2019

150th Anniversary of First Postal Card Used in Serbia

sos hungary postal card--german inscription hungary arms  1869

Inside #???: Hungary postal card 1869 with German inscriptions, Hungarian arms

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

SRB2021W1023 (002)

Scott: #????O

Issued: 19.05.2021

150th Anniversary of First Postal Card Used in Serbia

sos austria-hungary 29  1867- Inside #???: Austria #29P(Austria)

Lou wrote: The stamp reproduces one of the first illustrated postcards of Austria-Hungary and what is considered the first Serbian postcard.  It was created for the editorial mailings of the "Zmaj" (Dragon), a Cyrillic language satirical newspaper for Serbians. Originally produced in various Serbian area cities from 1867, in 1871 it was printed in, and ceased publication in Vienna after seven issues. The postcard illustrated was mailed on May 19, 1871 from Vienna to Sombor in Serbia, a distance of 212 miles, and was received the next day! (USPS take note). The Serbia Post issued this commemorative stamp exactly 150 years later, and the address and message sides of the card are in the cachet of the first day cover. This is the only Dragon postcard believed to be in existence today.

serbia      fdc

Thanks to Lou Guadagno and Komlóssy Zoltán

serbia      sheetlet 10.11.21

Scott: #????O

Issued: 11.10.2021

60th anniversary of the first conference of non-aligned nations

serbia     2021

sos yugoslavia 614  1961 Inside #????: Yugoslavia #614P

serbia      fdc 10.11.21

Thanks to Lou Guadagno and Komlóssy Zoltán


Scott: #????O

Issued: 30.03.2022

Diplomatic relations with Japan

SRB2007M232 In side #????: Serbia #415

Thanks to Lou Guadagno and Komlóssy Zoltán

serbia       5.13.22

Scott: #????P

Issued: 13.05.2022

Stamp Day

sos serbia 25  1872 In side #????: Serbia #25O

Lou wrote: Serbia, on May 13, 2022 issued one value for Stamp Day, reproducing a very rare tete-beche pair of a Prince Milan stamp of 1872.  Scott's lists the tete-beche pair as Serbia #25a without a price. I made a long search of Stamp auctions and could not find an example offered.  Until one shows up, I have included a scan of #25.

serbia  fdc

The fdc for Stamp Day 2022 notes the 150th anniversary of the 1872 Prince Milan issues, but the cachel with a cover with 20 # 25 does not show a tete-beche pair!

Thanks to Lou Guadagno and Komlóssy Zoltán

Scott: #????O

Issued: 12.05.2023

Stamp Day / The 150th Anniversary of the First Serbian Postalcard

 In side #????: Serbia essay


Zoltán wrote: Serbia's Stamp Day stamp has been released, showing a detail of a preprinted postcard and an image of a stamp. Unfortunately, I cannot identify the stamp! Can somebody help me?

Martin wrote: It seems to celebrate 150 Years od Postcard?  so it could be a cut-out indicium, not listed in stamp catalog.....but another nice one from that Serbian stamp-day series.

Lou wrote: The stamp does note the 150th Anniversary of the First Serbian Postalcard, but both the card and stamp pictured are essays,  

See the cachet on the fdc. It shows the same cream colored postal card as on the stamp, and also a purple one of the same design that is the actual color of the issued card, so the lighter one is surely an essay for that was never an issued color. Notice also that the Serbian arms on the pictured card is larger than that on the issued card--a difference that also defines an essay. 

I couldn't find anything on the stamp, but that design with a younger Prince Milan is not on any other Serbian stamp or postal stationery. According to my translation of the publicity release for the issue (which does not describe the card of stamp), postal stationery for Serbia was first considered in 1871, when Prince Milan was only 17 years old, so it is possible this younger visage of him was created then. Notice also the side panels where the value tablets are filled in-- the imprinted 1873 indicia has the same design layout, which was used only on postal stationery.  Until we find some further info, I think this is the way to go for the  IDs

Serbia Postal Card 1873

Thanks to Komlóssy Zoltán, Martin Hirschbühl and Lou Guadagno

Scott: #????O

Issued: 02.08.2023

100th anniversary of the postal museum

 In side #????: Serbia Revenue stampO

Thanks to Komlóssy Zoltán, Martin Hirschbühl and Michael Merritt


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Serbia #25

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[Prince Milan IV, 1854-1901, type C8]

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Serbia #115 for Yugoslavia

Serbia #127

[King Peter - No.129-133 were Never Issued, type Q]

Serbia #132

[King Peter - No.129-133 were Never Issued, type Q2]

Serbia #134

[King Peter - No.129-133 were Never Issued, type Q3]

Serbia #135

Serbia-Montenegro #189a + #189b + Label

Serbia-Montenegro #190


Serbia-Montenegro #196


Serbia-Montenegro #212


Serbia-Montenegro #240


Serbia-Montenegro #242


Serbia-Montenegro #264


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Scott: #356

Serbia #381a for Central Africa


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Serbia #542 for Central Africa

Serbia #542d for Guinea Bissau, Togo

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serbia    1v+label

Scott: #???-?

Scott: #???-?

Scott: #???-?

serbia     10 8 19

Scott: #????

SRB2021W1023 (002)

Scott: #????

serbia      sheetlet 10.11.21

Scott: #????


Scott: #???? (2022)

Scott: #???? (2023)