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Alphabetilately Home Pagehttp://alphabetilately.com/index1.html



Emmanuel DELPERDANGE http://users.pandora.be/edelper/home.htm







Teaching With Stamps




Dr. Patricia Stohr-Hunt





Stamp Collecting Begins Here http://www.askphil.org/














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Stamps and information about the United Nations and the UN system.





The ultimate resource for collecting new stamp issues from the world




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Stamp Collecting Software and Resources




ATEEME - Variable value stamps study and collecting group http://www.ateeme.net/angles/welcome_a.html

http://www.stamp-scandal.com/Stamp_Scandal.gif http://www.stamp-scandal.com/Stamp_Scandal1.htm

Fraud on eBay - exposed! http://www.sheryll.net/Forgeries/Fraud/Forgeries_article_Fraud.htm

SCADS - Stamp Collectors Against Dodgy Sellers - fighting stamp auction fraud

Stamp Collectors Against Dodgy Sellers (SCADS)



Country name changes affect stamp collecting By Rick Miller

Stamps, the hobby that offers you the world By Michael Baadke



What Philately Teaches, by John N. Luff



Why Watermarks? by Stamp2


Stamp2 - General Articales


My personal thoughts on collecting stamps (philately)


The Evolution of Mail and Postage Stamps





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The Aerogramme Society

American Society for Netherlands Philatelists

American Philatelic Society

Australian Philatelic Federation
China Stamp Society

Christmas Philatelic Club

Christchurch Philately

Clube Nacional de Filatelia (Portugal)
Confederate Stamp Alliance Home Page

The Collectors Club of New York





Collectors Pages

HOMEPAGE FOR COLLECTORS OF THE WHOLE WORLD http://web.telia.com/~u31115401/index1.htm

ASFE A Stamp From Everywhere

Rob Jenson's Online World of Philately http://www.spotch.com/~robjen/philately/

Vending machine postage stamps http://www.atm-stamps.de/index.htm

De Stamps Dbase http://www.hwtez.nl 



Dealers and Auctions

FREE STAMP CATALOGUE.COM Free world stamp catalogue, powered by PostBeeld.com

http://stamps.delcampe.com/pictures/logo_delcampe_005.gifdelcampe.com http://stamps.delcampe.com/

The meeting place of collection lovers


Empire Philatelists www.empirephilatelists.com



Stamp Collecting - Rubber Stamps, Philately & More! http://polymer-search.com/stamprubberphilately.html



Collectors Pages

1.       Australian Footy Stamps Philatelic Football (Australia)

2.        Beatles on Stamps and Other Items (Douglas Boynton Quine - United States)

3.       Beetles on Stamps (Patrice Bonafonte - France)

4.       Bridges & Philately (Odd Joha - Norway)

5.       Briefmarken - Die Plattenfehler der AM POST Marken (Andreas Wehner - Germany)

6.       British Africa (Alan MacGregor & Michael Deverell - South Africa)

7.       British Commonwealth Specimen Stamps (Robert Buxton - United Kingdom)

8.       Canadian Perfins of the Victorian Era (Michael Behm - Canada)



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Note: This list contains very old links, some of which are no longer relevant.



10.    Cancellations from Sonthofen, in Bavaria - Germany (Klaus Gebert - Sweden)

11.    Cangelaris Philatelic Collection (Panayotis Cangelaris)

12.    Canoe Kayak World Stamp Site (Alexandre Rainsard - France)

13.    Captain James Cook Through Stamps (Garry Law - New Zealand)

14.    Caratex Stamps (Derry Whyte - United Kingdom)

15.    Carsten Abildgaard's Stamp Page (Carsten Abildgaard - Denmark)

16.    Catalog of Motorcycle Stamps (Angel Luis Marcos Arias - Spain)

17.    Cats on Stamps (Laura Settimo - Italy)

18.    Cats, Dodo Bird, Coelacanth, Afghan on Stamps (Sunny's Rainbow - United States)

19.    Cave Stamps (Stefan Zaeker - Germany)

20.    Censored and Military Postal History (Karl Winkelmann - United Kingdom)

21.    Censored Mail (Steen Hgfeldt - Denmark)

22.    Central/Eastern Europe & Commonwealth of Independant States Philatelic Resources (Tan Wee Cheng - United Kingdom)

23.    CERPOLEX Covers from Expeditions to the North Pole (Francois Bergez - France)

24.    Charlie Chaplin on Stamps (Bernd Kunze - Germany)

25.    Charlie Leck Philatelic Page (Charles Leck - United States)

26.    Chas' Personal Stamp Collection (Chas Adrion - United States)

27.    Chess and Philately (Riccardo Andreis - Italy)

28.    Chopperman's Stamps and Stuff (Mark Hancox - New Zealand)

29.    Christmas Seals and Stamps from Norway (Tony Johansen - Norway)

30.    Christopher Columbus (Norbert Fiks - Germany)

31.    Chuck's World of Stamps (Chuck Mulder - United States)

32.    Chuck's Stamp Room (Chuck Hall - United States)

33.    Cinephilatelie History of Cinema Through Philately (Pierre Girard - France)

34.    Cinephilatelie (Girard Pierre - France)

35.    The Civil War Sun Picture Tax (Bruce Baryla - United States)

36.    Classic Stamps Web Ring (Garry Law - New Zealand)

37.    Classic U.S. Stamp Images (David Aeschliman - United States)

38.    Classics and Cinderella Catalogue (1840-1920) on CD-Rom (E. Klaseboer - Netherlands)

39.    Coelacanth Stamps (Cliff Hyland - South Africa)

40.    The CoG Stamp Collection (Covenant of the Goddess - United States)

41.    Coins on Stamps (Marcel Zumbo - Switzerland)

42.    Collecting British Squared Circle Postmarks (Stanley Cohen - Spain)

43.    Collecting Golf Stamps (David Milstein - United States)

44.    Collecting Works of Czeslaw Slania (Chuck Matlack - Denmark)

45.    Collection d' enveloppes Prt Poster (Olivier Perreaut - France)

46.    Collection of Cancellations on Classic and Modern France (Guy Maggay - France)

47.    Collection of Correspondence from Antarctic Bases (W. Fontes - Uruguay)

48.    Collection of the Stamp of France 2f Overseas, the Mill of Alphonse Daudet (Alain Lamy - France)

49.    Collector's Eden Railway Stamps (Frank Van Geirt - Belgium)

50.    Collector's Stamp Pages (Eckhardt Jahn - Germany)

51.    Colorano Silk Collectors Page (David Dresdner - United States)

52.    Comparative Philatelic Forgery Identification Site (Bill Claghorn - United States)

53.    Computer History - in a Different Way (Stamps) (V. Gustin - Slovenia)

54.    Computer Stamps Collector

55.    Computer Stamps (Heikki Rauhala - Sweden)

56.    Computers on Stamps (T. van Beek - The Netherlands)

57.    The Concorde on Stamps (Katrin Redeker - Germany)

58.    Counterfeits and Fakes of Confederate Stamps (Kevin Baker - United States)

59.    Covers Downunder (Sam Kelly - Australia)

60.    The Crazy World of Errors on Stamps (Emmanuel Delperdange - France)

61.    The Chronology of Postal Authorities Issuing Stamps in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (Zeljko Heimer - Hungary)

62.    Crusade Against Cancer FDC Collection (Mike Smith - United States)

63.    Cryptozoology on Stamps (Philip R. "Pib" Burns - United States)

64.    Cyberfem Barbie's Stamp Collection: Women on Stamps (Jennifer Gagliardi - United States)

65.    Czeslaw Slania's Engravings (Ann Mette Heindorff - Denmark)

66.    D. N. Johnson's Stamp Page (David N Johnson - Canada)

67.    Dag Hammarskjld Stamps (Chuck Matlack/Toke Nrby - Denmark)

68.    Dams on Stamps etc. (Richard Soppe - United States)

69.    Danish Christmas Seals (Ann Mette Heindorff - Denmark)

70.    Danish First Day Covers and Dogs on Stamps (Pia Palmblad Wright - Denmark)

71.    Dave's Philatelic Home Page Canadian and Commomwealth Stamps (David Marasco - Canada)

72.    Dave's Stamp Page (David Warren - United States)

73.    Dead Post Offices and Grandpas (Pat and Matt Dakin - United States)

74.    Demographic Stamps (Ed Stephan - United States)

75.    Dennis Sutton Stamp Collector (Dennis Sutton - Australia)

76.    Dentistry and Stamps (Henar - France)

77.    Dentistry in Stamps (Adrian Basu - United States)

78.    Dentistry in Stamps (Adrian Basu - United States)

79.    Desiree's Stamp Collection Aland, Australia, Canada, USA and Dragons on Stamps (Desiree - Netherlands)

80.    Detective Fiction on Stamps (Steve Trussel - Japan)

81.    Dictionary of Philatelic Celebrities (Gilles Patin - France)

82.    Dieter's Homepage Aland, Alderney, Ross Dependency, Postal War and more. (Dieter Becker - Germany)

83.    Dieter's Stamps on the Web Postal War, Alderney, Aland, Ross Dependency (Dieter Becker - Germany)

84.    Dinesh's Thai, Indian, HK and Worldwide Stamps for Trade (Dinesh Mahtani - Thailand)

85.    Dino-Online German Search-System (Germany)

86.    Dinosaurs and Fossils on Stamps (Gerhard Winter - Germany)

87.    Dinosaurs And Prehistoric Animals On Stamps (Peter Ashley - Australia)

88.    Dinosaurs on Stamps (Robert Margulski - United States)

89.    Disnemation Disney on Stamps (William Silvester - United States)

90.    Disney on Stamps (Monika Petkevieiute)

91.    Disney Stamps (Doris Fung - Canada)

92.    Doberman Stamps (Chuck Hall - United States)

93.    Don Hearl's Philatelic Cyber Fest (Don Hearl - United States)

94.    Doug Buss Stamp collector (Doug Buss - Canada)

95.    Dr. B's Stamp Exchange (Dr. Munaf Billoo - Pakistan)

96.    Dr. Charles Di Como 's Stamp Collecting Page (Dr. Charles Di Como - United States)

97.    Dragonfly Dream Mail Art and Artistamps (Faux Postage) (Alice Kitselman-Ames - United States)

98.    The Drunken Boat (Kris Haggblom - United States)

99.    Dubai, Indian Postal Stationery Errors, Bangladesh Stamps (R. Howard Courtney - United States)

100.Dutch Military Postmarks (Hans Holdijk - Netherlands)

101.Dutch Railways on Stamps (Hans Vink - The Netherlands)

102.Dutch Stamps with Errors (C. van Kampen - The Netherlands)

103.Ed's Philatelic Page (Ed Dietz - United States)

104.Ed's Stamp Page (Edward Mann - United States)

105.Edward's Home Page (Ed Bakker - Netherlands)

106.Edward's Homepage (Edward Bakker - The Netherlands)

107.emlnet.com Philatelic Connection

108.En Hjemmeside (Bjrn Bols - Norway)

109.Enricophil (Enrico Prous - Italy)

110.Ephemera Philatelica - a Philatelic Alphabet (William M. Senkus - United States)

111.Ephemeral Treasures (Bob Ingraham - Canada)

112.Erikoisleimat Finnish Stamps (Henri Seulanto - Finland)

113.Errors & Varieties (David A.Green - United Kingdom)

114.eSpol.com electronic Storia postale online (Piero Di Nicola - United States)

115.Estonian Stamps (Jorgen Andersson - Sweden)

116.Etoiles Des Bureaux de Paris (Jean-Francois Estel - France)

117.EUROPA 2000 Stamps (Ales Bednarik - Czech Republic)

118.Europa Cept Briefmarken (Zoran Ilic - Germay)

119.Exchange for Postcards and Stamps (Andreas Safft - Germany)

120.Exchange Malaysia Stamps (Mohd Idlan - Malaysia)

121.Exchange of Mint Stamp Booklets Worldwide (Carsten Fornoff - Germany)

122.Exchange of Stamps (Luiz Carlos Verissimo - Brazil)

123.Exchange Stamps From the Nordic Countries, Great Britain, Western Germany and the Netherlands (Jrgen Srensen - Denmark)

124.Exhibits and Articles on Early Canadian Stamps (Glen Lundeen - Canada)

125.Famous Women on Finnish Stamps (Anne Digranes - Norway)

126.Famous Women on Stamps (Anne-Maritta Digranes - Norway)

127.Faroe stamps (Steen Petersen - Faroe Islands)

128.Fatin's Malaysia Stamp Album (Fatin Azhar - Malaysia)

129.Ferdinand Eines (Norway)

130.Fido Stamp Society (Sukho Lee - United Kingdom)

131.FilaFunsite Jokes, Cartoons and Strips (Toon Oomens - Netherlands)

132.Filatelia - Intercambio - Novedades - Argentina - Espana - Italia (Julissn D. MArcos - Argentina)

133.Filatelia - Intercambio Argentina Stamps (Julin D. Marcos - Argentina)

134.Filatelia - Specializzazioni Italia Italy, San Marino, Vatican (Gaspare Licata - Italy)

135.Filatelia de Enteros Postales (Postal Entires Philately) Spanish Postal Entires (Francisco M. Querol - Spain)

136.Filatelia De Mexico 1990-1999 (Jorge Puflea Trevi-o - Mexico)

137.Filatelia Policial (Osvaldo Maglioco - Argentina)

138.Filatelia Scacchistica (Roberto Cassano - Italy)

139.Filatelia: Hobby Universale (Tullio - Italy)

140.Filatelija (Lithuania)

141.Finland Postal History (Morten Naarstad - Norway)

142.Finnish Railway Philately (Raimo Peltonen - Finland)

143.Fish on Stamps (Patrick DuBois - France)

144.Fish on Stamps (Manfred Rohleder - Germany)

145.Fish, Game and Duck Stamp Collectors' Page (HNR Software, Howard Richoux - United States)

146.FJC's Stamp Page (Fred Capolongo - United States)

147.All about Flag over Porch stamps (Roland Klinger - Germany)

148.Flags On Stamps (Zhang Xun - China)

149.Flames on Stamps (MARCHAT Loc - France)

150.Flames on Stamps (Loc Marchat - France)

151.Flight on Stamps (Thomas Divier - France)

152.Food Stamp History (Martin Pettibone - United States)

153.Football Stamps Want List (Simon Milkus - Ukraine)

154.Foundling Exchange Club Cinderella Stamps (David M. Stirling - Scotland)

155.Francobolli d'Italia (Walter Soardi - Italy)

156.Francobolli..Che Passione (Italy)

157.Frank's Stamps Page Canadian, Channel Islands, and Isle of Man stamps. Transport on Rails Stamps. Stamps Exchanges. (Frank Daems - Belgium)

158.Fredersdorf bei Berlin (Philipp Harder - Germany)

159.Free United States Stamps for Beginners (Brian Harrod - United States)

160.French Engraving Die Proofs (Giorgio Leccese - Italy)

161.French Maximum Card Collecting (France)

162.French Naval Philately (France)

163.French Numerals on Covers (Emmanuel Lebecque - France)

164.French Postal History (Thomas Berger - Germany)

165.French Stamps and Postal Vending Machine Labels (Sandrine Auber - France)

166.French Stamps for Exchange (Yann Loreau - France)

167.French Classic Stamps, also a No Frames Version (Guy Maggay)

168.Frimerker (Simen Sveen - Norway)

169.Frimrkesider (Poul-Erik Amby Christensen - Denmark)

170.Frog Stamps of the World (Susumu Ishii - Japan)

171.Frog Stamps (Michele Maki - United States)

172.Frog Stamps (G.J.G.A. de Waal - Netherlands)

173.Frogs & Toads on Stamps

174.Gteborg, Sweden, World, Universe,,, (Malte Aronsson - Sweden)

175.Gabys Stamps (Gaby Schmidtkonz - Germany)

176.Gary Fok's Stamp Page (United States)

177.Gekende Drukdata Van De Typen Poortman, Marchand, Elstr+m, Velghe, Mvtm, Broux, Buzin (De Paepe Roger - Netherlands)

178.Georgi's Homepage (Germany)

179.Georgia on Stamps (United States)

180.German Private Post Office (1886 to 1900) (Anja Kugel - Germany)

181.German Vending Machines Label (Thomas Arlitt - Germany)

182.Gert's Stamp Exchange Center (Gert de Boer - Netherlands)

183.Gert's Stamps Exchange Center (Gert de Boer - Netherlands)

184.Giovanni Fulantelli's Stamps A Celebration of the Cinema on Stamps (Italy)

185.Glassblowing On Stamps (& Glass On Stamps) (Richard Samuel - United States)

186.Glenn Estus's Interests (Glenn Estus - United States)

187.Golf on Stamps (Stephan Filanovitch - France)

188.Golf on Stamps (Jim Dewar - United Kingdom)

189.Golf on stamps and phone cards (Joseph Mesotten)

190.Greenland Censorship and APO's (Per Ronberg - Denmark)

191.Grupo Temtico Impessa (Christian Gabriel Perez - Argentina)

192.HUG Frimerker: Salgsliste Over Norske Stempler (Norway)

193.Hampstead Castle (Alan Warby - Great Britain)

194.Hans Willems' Philatelic Page (Hans Willems - Netherlands)

195.Hansie about... Philately (New Zealand)

196.Hawaiian Stamps (Rodney Moura - United States)

197.Historic Postmarkart (Ken Turmel, Artist/Historian - United States)

198.From Athens to Sidney History of Modern Olympics Through Philately (Monica Mendoza - Spain)

199.History of the Turkish-Cypriot Postal Administration (Turkey)

200.Holland: The issue 1891 (Wim J. Bongers - The Netherlands)

201.Holograms on Stamps (Ulrich Schmitt - Germany)

202.Home Page (Douglas Quine - United States)

203.Homepage (Vidar Kulseth - Norway)

204.Hong Kong Stamp Catalogue (Lam Wang Yuen - Hong Kong)

205.Hundertwasser Stamp Collection and Philatelic Information (William Scheckel - Germany)

206.Hungary Postal History (Fracesc Segues - Spain)

207.Hurtigtaster Windows (Bertil Steinvikaune - Norway)

208.Hutt River Principality (Peter Thompson - Hutt River, with Western Australia)

209.Ian's Stamp Page (Ian Harper - United Kingdom)

210.Identify Stamps (Marco Sampaio - Portugal)

211.Illustrious Portuguese Navigators (Pedro H. Duarte)

212.Indochina 1861/1904 (Mollien Patrice - France)

213.Indodario's Web Pages (Dario De Santis - Italy)

214.INFLA.de (Olaf Kraatz - Germany)

215.Insulators on Postage Stamps (Jill Meier - United States)

216.Interests: Stamps (John P. Campitelli - United States)

217.Irish Stamps and Postcards (John Mooney)

218.Italian Social Republic Stamps (WWII) (Giorgio Bifani - Italy)

219.Jrgen Smod (Denmark)

220.James Majka's Postal Stationery Home Page Specializing in US Government Postal Cards (James Majka - United States)

221.Jan Nordhagen AS (Norway)

222.Jan-Simon's Hobbycorner (The Netherlands)

223.Jan-Simon's Hobbycorner (Jan-Simon Hoogschagen - The Netherlands)

224.Jane and June's Stamp Exchange (Jane and June Yeap - Malaysia)

225.Janek's Philatelic Page (Janek Lepp - Estonia)

226.Japanese Occupation Stamps (Fritzie Reyes Balugo - United States)

227.Stamps of Japan (Japan)

228.Japhila Philatelic Netmagazine (Bret Janik - Czech Republic)

229.Jim's Stamp Collection and Information (James Fattaleh - United States)

230.Jim's Stamp Page (Jim McCain - United States)

231.Jim's Stamp Page (Jim Stonebraker - United States)

232.Jincheng Huang's Stamp Page (Jincheng Huang - United States)

233.Joaquim Geraldes Philately Page (Joaqium Geraldes - Portugal)

234.Joe's Stamp Homepage (Joze Keber - Solvenija)

235.Joey's Postage Stamps Want List (Joey Schumacher - United States)

236.Jonas' Stamp Page

237.Jonz Stamping Ground Machins, Penny Reds, Perfins, Endorsements, GB revenues (Jon Evans - United Kingdom)

238.Joshua's Stamp Page (J. Thomas Walker - United States)

239.JstABubba's Personal Stamp Collection (Bubba - United States)

240.JStamps - Judaica Philately Jewish history as Depicted on Postage Stamps (Murray Frost - United States)

241.Jules Verne Stamps (Zvi Har'El - Israel)

242.July 1, 1851 First Day of New Postal Rates and First Day of Three Cent Washington Stamp (United States)

243.Jumbo Coins Collectors Corner Includes stamps and postal history (Mike Bailey - United Kingdom)

244.Justwendy Themes (Wendy White - United Kingdom)

245.Kafka-Online (F. Kafka - Germany)

246.Karkkilan Postimerkkikerho (Heikki Savola - Finland)

247.Kathy's Stoney Creek Post Office (Kathy Ward - Canada)

248.KGYH's Polar Philately Page (Wes Thorn - United States)

249.King George VI Philatelic Resource Site (D.K Studd - United Kingdom)

250.Kingfishers in Philately (Keith B. - United Kingdom)

251.Kingfishers (Keith Bowden - Great Britian)

252.Klussendorf ATM Label Stamps (Macau)

253.Koban Collection Horst Mueller (Japan)

254.Kragh's Wantlists Bosnia and Herzegowinia, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Slowenien (Denmark)

255.Kramer's Collection (Veniamin Kramer - Ukraine)

256.Kristian's Hjemmeside (Kristian Aune - Norway)

257.Kurland 1944 (Wilhelm van Loo - Germany)

258.La Carte Postale Belge (Daniel Franquien - Belgium)

259.La Storia Postale del Regno Lombardo-Veneto (Andrea Rossignoli - Italy)

260.Lace Stamps of the World (Lori Howe - United States)

261.Lace Stamps (Ann McClean - United Kingdom)

262.LadyMisty's Stamp Collecting and Trading Page (Canada)

263.Land Rovers on Stamps (T. F. Mills - United Kingdom)

264.Lars Larson's Stamp Collecting Page (Lars Larson - United States)

265.Lawrence's Home Page (Lawrence Fisher - Israel)

266.Le 1Fr50 Ptain A site dedicated to a single stamp (Max Derouen - France)

267.Lehrsammlung (Siegfried Nestler - Austria)

268.Leif Vonge Nielsen's Stamp Page (Leif Vonge Nielsen - Denmark)

269.Leopold Club (Vronique & Sbastien Delcampe - Belgium)

270.Les Bureaux Francais de L'empire Ottoman (Robert Desert - France)

271.Les Passe-Temps d'Ivan (Dona - France)

272.Les Timbres de l'Ouest de la France (Bernard Le Lann - France)

273.The Liberia 1952 Jehudi Ashmun Commemorative Issue and its Varieties (Michel Bgin - Canada)

274.Lighthouse Philately (Kelvin Sleeper - Hong Kong)

275.Lighthouse Philately (Eddy Stone - Hong Kong)

276.Lighthouse Postcards for Sale or Trade (United States)

277.Lighthouse Stamps (Kristen Rasmussen - Norway)

278.Lighthouses on Stamps, Postcards, FDC (Milan Assadourov - Bulgaria)

279.Looking for Three Owl Philatelic Items (Jean-noel Guillon - France)

280.Losmendi's Stamps Exchange Page (J.C. Mendizabal - Spain)

281.Luc Van Roy's Personal Page (Luc Van Roy - Belgium)

282.Luftpost Air Mail (Helmut Demel - Germany)

283.Luis A. Quesada's Page of Philately Postal History (Argentina)

284.Macau - Klussendorf Postage Labels (Joao Augusto - China)

285.Macau Topical Stamps (United States)

286.Machin Stamp Collecting (Bob Hunt - United States)

287.Machine Cancel Electronic Forum (Richard Small - United States)

288.Machine Vending Stamps (Josep Jove - Spain)

289.Mail Censorship During WWII (Olivier Lafarge - France)

290.Mails and Correspondence of POWs and Civilian Internees in East Asia in the Second World War (David Tett - United Kingdom)

291.Malaria on Stamps (Larry Fillion - United States)

292.Malaysian Stamps (TanCc - Malaysia)

293.Manfred Junge Stamps (Manfred Junge - Australia)

294.Manuel's Stamps (Manuel - Germany)

295.Maritime Stamps & Mail (Richard K. - United States)

296.Mark's Stamps (Mark Southwood - United States)

297.Martial Arts Stamps (Stampville.com - United States)

298.Martin Nicholson's Philatelic Links (United Kingdom)

299.Martti's Estonian Stamp Pages (Martti Raikkonen - Finland)

300.Masa's Stamp Page Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania (Masayuki Watanabe - Japan)

301.Mathematics and Calculations on Stamps (Olivier Rochoir - France)

302.Mathematics on Stamps (German) (Oliver Faulhaber - Germany)

303.Mathematics on Stamps (Xavier Hubaut - France)

304.Mathis Slverud's Stempelside (Mathis Slverud - Norway)

305.Matthew Liebson's Postal History Page (Matthew Liebson - United States)

306.Max Fink's Philately (Max Fink - Austria)

307.Medals and Decorations (R.F. Cote - Canada)

308.Medical Stamps (Ahmet Dogan Ataman - Turkey)

309.Medical Stamps (M. Kuzui - Japan)

310.Medicine Stamps (Truman G. Blocker, Jr. - United States)

311.Melissa's Stamp Exchange (Melissa Kitto - New Zealand)

312.Menno-Jan's Stamp Museum East Africa's Postal History & Maps on Stamps (Menno-Jan Kraak - Netherlands)

313.Meteorite Stamps and Coins (Philip R. "Pib" Burns - United States)

314.Meter Stamp Society Data Center (Alan Draves - United States)

315.Michelle's Homepage Stamp Collecting (Michelle Tam - Hong Kong)

316.Michelle's Mailbox Pages (Michelle A Schneider Behnke) - United States)

317.Micofilatelia Catalog of Mushroom Stamps (Dario Varisco - Italy)

318.Mike Davis' Stamp Page Mint U.S. Sheets (United States)

319.Mike Weatherford's Web Page (Mike Weatherford - United States)

320.Mike's Stamp Page Free Online Catalog (Michael Maffei - United States)

321.Mike's Stamps, Coins and Hobbies (Michael Milos - Canada)

322.MikeFTC's Stamp (Mike - United States)

323.Military Postcards From The First World War (Stephane Bone - France)

324.Millard J. Driscoll's Stamp World (United States)

325.Minerals on Stamps (Guenter Baumgaertel - Germany)

326.Mint Stamps Exchange (Sergey Belaev - Ukraine)

327.Modern History on World Stamps (Japan)

328.Modern U.S. Postal History (Roland Austin - United States)

329.Molinos de Viento en la Filatelia . Windmills on Philately. In Spanish (Pedro Lopez-Pintor Diaz-Galiano - Spain)

330.Montserrat Volcano Stamps (M. T. Dolan - United States)

331.Mozart on Stamps (Patrick Kinders - Belgium)

332.Mr Horse: Equestrian Stamps (Italy)

333.The Museum of United States Essays & Proofs The Ralph R. Zerbonia Collection (Ralph R. Zerbonia - United States)

334.Mushroom Stamps (Rui Carvalho Dias - Portugal)

335.Mushroom Stamps (John Dhabolt - United States)

336.Music on Stamps (T. Furuya - Japan)

337.Music Stamps (United States)

338.The Musical Stamps Home Page (Peter Lang - Germany)

339.My Favorite Topical Stamps (Tianhong Liu - China)

340.My Stamp Album France (France)

341.My Stamp Collection (Bojan Dolšak - Slovenia)

342.My Stamp Collector's Page (Hedvigh)

343.My Stamp Page (Tore Furuheim - Norway)

344.My Stamp Page (Alphons Vanderven - Netherlands)

345.My Stamps Gallery (Jupitar - Bangladesh)

346.Myggan's Philatelic Page Railways (Italian Area), Dolphins (worldwide) and "Cinderellas" Issued in North of Italy - Padania (Myggan Marcello - Italy)

347.Myggan's Topical Railways, Trains, Dolphins and Padania (Marcello Porro - Italy)

348.Mynt Och Sedlar P Frimrken (ndrad Sedelmynt (J.A.) - Sweden)

349.Mysterious Stamps (Jan B. Steffensen - Denmark)

350.Naveen's World (Naveen Samuel - India)

351.Navigateurs Portugais (Denis Drouin - France)

352.Neandertal (Fran Adams - United States)

353.Net-frim (Jan Kingo Hansen - Denmark)

354.Neue Seite 8 (J. Wittmer - Germany)

355.New Zealand Chalon Portrait Stamps (Garry Law - New Zealand)

356.New Zealand Lighthouse Stamps Government Life Insurance Postage Stamps (Garry Law - New Zealand)

357.New Zealand Lighthouse Stamps (Garry Law - New Zealand)

358.New Zealand International Flights and Airmail Covers (Garry Law - New Zealand)

359.Newspaper Stamps (Doc M. Pepper - United States)

360.Norway Postal History, Volcanos, Japan, GB Wildings (Bjrn Myhre - Norway)

361.Nuclear Powered Ships on Stamps (Russia)

362.O Mundo da Filatelia (Francisco Jos Profito - Brazil)

363.O'Ashra (Japan)

364.OK-Briefmarken (Olaf Kraatz - Germany)

365.Old Postcard Exhibition (Lars-Olov Stenborg - Sweden)

366.Olympic Philately from Sydney 2000 to Beijing 2008 (Thomas Lippert - Germany)

367.On Philippine Philately (Abraham Luspo Jr. - Philippines)

368.Opera: A Philatelic Look (Paul den Ouden - Canada)

369.Owl Stamps (Mike Duggan - New Zealand)

370.Page from Edu-Gro Latin American stamps and covers (Horacio E. Groio - Argentina)

371.Pagina Filatelica (Jose Antonio - Spain)

372.Paintings on Stamps (Victor Manta - Switzerland)

373.Pak Philately (Rao Hassan Ijaz - Pakistan)

374.Pakistamp Pakistan Stamps, Coins, and Currency (Rao Hassan Ijaz - Pakistan)

375.Paleontology on Stamps (Jose Gregorio Contreras - Venezuela)

376.Paleontology on Stamps (Mario A. Galan - El Salvador)

377.Paquebot Cancellations (Robert Wilson - United States)

378.Parrots on Stamps (Joanna Karocka - Poland)

379.Pat's Stamp Site Great Britain and Channel Islands (Great Britain)

380.Pat's Stamp Page Stamps for Sale (Patrick Salitra - Canada)

381.Patrick Lam's Stamp Collection (Patrick Lam - Hong Kong)

382.Paul Herber's Stamp Pages Iceland, Faroe Islands, Danish West Indes, Norway, Germany (United Kingdom)

383.Paulo Sequeira Stamps from Portugal (Paulo Sequeira - Portugal)

384.The Pavalasky Family WWW Home Page (John J. Pavalasky - United States)

385.Penpal Stamp Exchange (Adam Kristensson - Sweden)

386.Personal Flags of Some Vexillologists (Philippe Bondurand - France)

387.Personal Page (Marc Boucher - France)

388.Personal Stamp Page Trader List, Want List (Jan De Wael - Belgium)

389.Pete's Stamp Collection (Pete Walters - Australia)

390.Peter Skogh Frimrkskonsult (Sweden)

391.Peter's Page (Peter Sihler - Germany)

392.Petroleum: The Black Gold (Carlos Soares - Brazil)

393.Phil's Postal Page (Phil Verheyen - United States)

394.Phila-Jette Belgium and Airmail Stamps (France)

395.Phila-Reunion.com (Benot Chandanson - Germany)

396.Philasport Sports on Stamps (Philasport - France)

397.Philatelic Curiousities (Baroupat - France)

398.Philatelic Home Page (Kjell Odegarden - Norway)

399.Philatelic Home Page (Suraj Jaitly - India)

400.Philatelic Home Page (Peter G. Aitken - United States)

401.Philatelic Home Page (Gardar Johann - Iceland)

402.Philatelic Homepage of Nico Arkenbosch (Nico Arbenbosch - The Netherlands)

403.Philatelic Mineralogy Gem, Rock, and Mineral Postage Stamps (Richard Busch - United States)

404.Philatelic Ornithological Listing (The Bird Stamp Page) (Victor Ng-Thow-Hing - Canada)

405.Philatelic Page (Timo Jms - Finland)

406.Philatelic Philosophy (Alan Soble - United States)

407.The Philatelic Phorum (Zahid Khan - Canada)

408.Philatelic Resources (Mauro Magnani - Italy)

409.Philatelic Stamp Exchange (Katharine Ashlock - Canada)

410.Philatelic Want List (Andrew B. "Butch" Higgins - United States)

411.Philatelie (Tardieu - France)

412.Philatelique Partenaire (Jeremy Stoss - France)

413.Philatelist Redux (Marshall Williams - United States)

414.Philately and Postcards (Kari Paananen - Finland)

415.Philately and Railways (Roberto Gennari - Italy)

416.Philately Down Under (Walter Schillani - Australia)

417.Philately Homepage (Kurt Schneege - Germany)

418.Philately Interests (Markku Korhonen - Finland)

419.Philately of Morocco and Tunisia (France)

420.Philately of Oriental Europe (1850 - 1945) (Miguel Navajas Ojeda - Spain)

421.Philately Page (Carl Jrgensens Hjemmeside - Denmark)

422.Philately Page (Don Shorock - United States)

423.Philately Page (Rob Jenson - United States)

424.Philately Page (Jose Rodenas Diago - Spain)

425.Philately Sites of Interest (Steve Cohen - United States)

426.Philately Universe Special (Enrico Arkink - Netherlands)

427.Philately Universe Trade (Enrico Arkink - The Netherlands)

428.Philately Universe (Enrico Arkink - Netherlands)

429.Philately, FDC, Collections (Jean-Marc CESAR - Belgium)

430.Philately (Belgium)

431.Philatlie : le 2,20 F Libert de Gandon (Christian Barrett - France)

432.Philavision (A to Z of Philately) (Prashant Pandya - India)

433.Philex'Art (France)

434.Philippine Philatelic & Numismatic Webpages (Danilo L. Signo - Philippines)

435.Philippine Philately (Abraham Luspo Jr. - Philippines)

436.Philippines, Madagascar and Germany (Reinhold Lvenich - Germany)

437.Phillips Stamp Site (David Phillips - United States)

438.Philtek Philatlie et Gnalogie (J Paul Guiard - Canada)

439.phil_ately's Home Page (Rick LaFlam - United States)

440.Phonecards for Stamps Exchange (Francesco - Italy)

441.Phonecards for Stamps Exchange (Francesco - Italy)

442.Photo Album of a Stamp (Toon Oomens - The Netherlands)

443.Physicians on Stamps (Michael Jacobson, MD, MPH - United States)

444.Physics in Philately (Jerzy Rutkowski - Poland)

445.Physics Related Stamp Images (Joachim Reinhardt - Denmark)

446.Pitcairn Display Exhibit (A J Jensen - United States)

447.Playing-Cards Tax Stamps (Peter Endebrock - Germany)

448.Poland Railway Stamps (Jacek Kowner - Poland)

449.Polar Philately (Dieter Querndt - Germany)

450.Polar Stamp Collecting (Mathias Bjerrang - Norway)

451.Polarpost Online (Benoit Sittler - Germany)

452.Polarpost Online (Germany)

453.Postage Stamps of Windmills (Paul Gipe - Germany)

454.Postal Agency of the College AM JAVOUHEY - Senlis - Oise (Raphal Cournault - France)

455.Postal History and Post Cards (Henrik S. Soerensen - Denmark)

456.Postal History and Stamps (Eunice and Ron Shanahan - Australia)

457.Postal History from Finland and Struer (Jon Iversen - Denmark)

458.Postal History of Adelie Land (Maurice Bacher - France)

459.Postal History of Germany 1945/46, Africa (Wolfgang Strobel - Germany)

460.Postal History of the City of Ceuta (Eduardo Martin - Spain)

461.Postal History of Worcester, Massachusetts (Bob Track - United Kingdom)

462.The Postal History Page (Hans Karman - Australia)

463.Postal History including GIF files. (Bob Swanson - United States)

464.Postal History (Kjell Jnsson - Norway)

465.Postal Stationery and Begian Philately (Ludo Thomassetti - Belgium)

466.Postal Stationery in the French Colony (Frederic Vouille - France)

467.The Postal Stationery of Burma & Myanmar 1948-97 (Richard Warren - United Kingdom)

468.Postcard/Stamp Art (Sonja Andic - Canada)

469.Postmarks of Egersund (Hallvard Sletteb - Norway)

470.Poststeder og stempler i Meland (Svein Sellevold - Norway)

471.Postzegels - Eerste emissie 1852 Nederland (Netherlands)

472.Prashant's Home Page (Prashant Pandya - India)

473.Pre-Printed Great Britain Stamp Album Pages (Paul Proctor - United Kingdom)

474.Predecimal Stamps of Australia (Mike Andrew - Australia)

475.Preuen from 1850 - 1867, Exotic Fishes, Germany, GDR, West Berlin (Hans-Werner Meiner - Gernamy)

476.Primus Americus The first stamp of every country and region in the Americas (Alejandro & Michael Pascual - United States)

477.Private Riga Postcard Collection (Paul Bischoff - Denmark)

478.Private Treaty Stamp Trading (Mack Strathdee - Canada)

479.Privater Briefmarken Homepage (Jean-Paul van den Eijnden - The Netherlands)

480.Prophila Collection (Germany)

481.Purring Tiger's Philatelist World (United States)

482.Quioui's Home Page Frog and/or Toad Stamps and Olympic Games Stamps (United States)

483.Racing on Stamps (Carlo - Italy)

484.Radio Philately from Uruguay (Horacio A. Nigro - Uruguay)

485.Radio Stamps (Bart Lee - United States)

486.Radiology Philatelic History (Radiology Centennial, Inc.)

487.Rag. Gaspare de Lindegg (Italy)

488.Ragnar Hanson's Home page (Ragnar Hanson - Sweden)

489.Railway Thematic Stamps (Horst Brix - Germany)

490.Rainer Schweder's Homepage (Germany)

491.Rainer's Persia Pages Info on first issues of Iran-Persia (Rainer Fuchs - United States)

492.Rainer's Peruvian Local's Pages   Info on Periuvian Local stamps (Rainer Fuchs - United States)

493.Rainer's Tibet Pages Info on stamps and postal history of Tibet (Rainer Fuchs - United States)

494.Rainer's Zemstvo Pages Rural Postage Stamps from Russia (Rainer Fuchs - United States)

495.Ralph E. Trimble's Re-entry Pages (Canada)

496.Ralph's Filasite (Ralph van Erp - Netherlands)

497.Ray's Philatelic Articles: Lists of Direct Links to Articles on Stamps and Postal History (Ray Ransome - United Kingdom)

498.Rena's Stamp Page (Rena and Lodewyk)

499.Rephil Stamps (Reba - Italy)

500.Rhein Main Briefmarken Links (Martin Koenen - Germany)

501.Rhinoceros on Stamps (Sylvestre Buoro - France)

502.Richard Slezak's Worldwide Collection (Richard Slezak - South Korea)

503.Rick's Stamp Web Exchange Western Europe including Malta/Channel Islands (Rick Jost - Austria)

504.Rob's Stamp Page (Rob van Opstal - United States)

505.Robert's Web Site (Robert Smith - South Africa)

506.Roger's Stamp Page (Roger Hare - United Kingdom)

507.Romans on German Stamps (Norbert Fiks - Germany)

508.Ron's Submarine's Covers (Ronny Saxe - Begium)

509.Roses on Postage Stamps (Terri Waddell - United States)

510.Roy's Home Page On Olympic Stamp (Tapan Kumar Roy - India)

511.Roy's Home Page on Worldcup Stamps (Tapan Kumar Roy - India)

512.Royal Mail (Barry Reynolds - United Kingdom)

513.Rubin Stamps Israel Stamps, Klussendorf and Phosphor Varieties (Rubin Meidan - Israel)

514.Russian Stamps (Russia)

515.Ryan's Philatelic Page (Ryan Woosley - United States)

516.Sandrostamp (Artini Alessandro - Italy)

517.Sara's Stamp Studio (Sara Lombard - United States)

518.Scandinavian Countries (M.R.Nielsen - Norway)

519.Scandinavian Countries (M.R.Nielsen - Norway)

520.Schnellbacher Philatelie Postgeschichte, Briefe, Ansichtskarten (J.Schnellbacher - Germany)

521.Science Cartophilately (Indonesia)

522.Scotty's Stamps Nude Male Gallery of Fine Art on Postage Stamps (United States)

523.Scouting Museum (Dominique Limbos - United States)

524.Scouts Filatelisten Benelux (Ph. van Hille - Belgium)

525.Scouts on Covers 1918 - 1957 (F Martinez - Spain)

526.Scouts on Stamps (Hallvard Slettebo - Norway)

527.Sea Turtle Postage Stamps of the World (Nancy B. Linsley and George H. Balazs - United States)

528.Selective History of Science on Stamps (Maiken Naylor - United States)

529.Ships & Philately Page (Peter Crichton - United Kingdon)

530.Ships on Stamps (Jostein Simonsen - Norway)

531.Ships on Stamps (Erik Philippus - The Netherlands)

532.Ships on Stamps (Jostein Simonsen - Norway)

533.Ships on Stamps (Jean-Louis Araignon - France)

534.Ships on Stamps (Erik Philippus - the Netherlands)

535.Silman's Stamp Pad (F. Silman - United States)

536.Simon's Stamps Exchanging Page (Simon Milkus - Ukraine)

537.Simon's Philatelic Pursuits (Simon Watkins - United States)

538.Simon's Stamps Exchanging Page (Simon Milkus - The Ukraine)

539.Skap's Bug Stamps (James L Skaptason - United States)

540.Slovenian Stamp Collector (Zelko Darko - Slovenia)

541.Soccer (Football) on Stamps (Lester Williams - United States)

542.Soccer and Pakistan Stamps Stamp Exchange (Taimur Dar - Pakistan)

543.Soccer in Philately (Adri Lampers - The Netherlands)

544.Som-Frim (Sonny Mller - Faroe Islands)

545.Som-Frim (Sonny - Faroe Islands)

546.SOMMAIRE_0_TIMBRES (Guy Menard - France)

547.Sound Engineer & Stamps Collector Greek Stamp Collection (Michael Milonopoulos - Greece)

548.Space Covers (Pedro Almeida - Portugal)

549.Space Mail (Russia)

550.Space Stamps (Edward A. Locke - United States)

551.Space Stamps (Sergey Okun - Russia)

552.Space-Topical Stamps (Robert Pearlman - United States)

553.Speleophilately International Cave Stamps (Medina Mulaomerovic - The Netherland)

554.Sports on Stamps (France)

555.Stltrykksidene (Bjrn Thore Storesund - Norway)

556.Stamp - Home Page Overprints and Underprints on Stamps (Mainly GB Victoria) (Andy Donaldson - United Kingdom)

557.Stamp and Coin Dictionary (Benedikt Wagner - Germany)

558.Stamp and Phonecard Page (Dave Kirby - United Kingdom)

559.Stamp Beauty Competition - Poll (Garry Law - New Zealand)

560.Stamp Collecting (Philately) (Philip R. "Pib" Burns - United States)

561.Stamp Collecting and Fishing (Jan Vidar - Norway)

562.Stamp Collecting and Trading (Walt Whinnery - United States)

563.Stamp Collecting for Everyone (Jim Bingle - United States)

564.Stamp Collecting Page (David Cassar - Malta)

565.Stamp Collecting Questions (Huang Wei - China)

566.Stamp Collections, Trains, Aeroplanes, Lighthouses and Others (Jorge Biera - Spain)

567.Stamp Collection (Iwan and Anges - Indonesia)

568.Stamp Corner United States, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic (Carlos Verdura - United States)

569.Stamp Corner (Manuel P. Star - Germany)

570.Stamp Crossroads Dimiter Popov's Stamp Page (Bulgaria)

571.Stamp Exchange Site (Gorazd Kurnik - Slovenia)

572.Stamp Exchange (F Xiang - China)

573.Stamp Exchange (Hugo Luis Alberto Repetto - Italy)

574.Stamp Exchange (Mieczyslaw Zyla - Poland)

575.Stamp Exchange (Jane - Malaysia)

576.Stamp Exhibits (Tom Fortunato - United States)

577.Stamp Home Page (Werner Haselbach - Germany)

578.Stamp Links (Mike Nesbitt - Canada)

579.Stamp Man (Jimmie Bingle - United States)

580.Stamp Me (Duarte Vidal - Portugal)

581.Stamp Newsletter Homepage (Tapan Kumar Roy - India)

582.Stamp News (Jay Bigalke - United States)

583.Stamp on Black History (United States)

584.Stamp Page - France, Canada (Paul-Andre Bouchard - Canada)

585.Stamp Page of Patrick Jahn Stamps to Swap (Germany)

586.Stamp Pages (Leif Salicath - Norway)

587.Stamp Page (Uwe Keith - Germany)

588.Stamp Page (Sergio Koreisha - United States)

589.Stamp Page (Benny Schmidt - Denmark)

590.Stamp Page (Chris Gade Oxholm Srensen - Denmark)

591.Stamp Page (Dr.Hans-Werner Meiners - Germany)

592.Stamp Page (Pierre-Alexis Messmer - France)

593.Stamp Page (Tom Erbe - United States)

594.Stamp Page (Lisa McNeill and Tom Paulson - United States)

595.Stamp Page (Mike Davis - United States)

596.Stamp Page (Ben Reynolds - United States)

597.Stamp Swap Robin (Jane Yeap - Malaysia)

598.The Stamp Swop and Exchange (Chris & Judy - Spain)

599.Stamp Trading List (Rich Stoler - United States)

600.Stamp Trading Pages (Steve Ford - Australia)

601.Stamp Want List (Heino Sand - Germany)

602.StampDon Homepage of Stamps (Donald Royce - United States)

603.Stampin Domain (Jennifer - United States)

604.Stamps & Money (N.J.Derks)

605.Stamps / frimerker (Tore Petersen Indrerk - Norway)

606.Stamps 4 Kids (BumperLand - United States)

607.Stamps and Philately (Thomas Schmidtkonz - Germany)

608.The Stamps and Phonecards Collection (Samuel Cheung - Hong Kong)

609.Stamps and Postcards of Iran (Hosein Araghchi - Iran)

610.Stamps and Sports Cards (Vernon O'Rourke - United States)

611.Stamps by Theme (Verelst Leon - Belgium)

612.Stamps Designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Stamps of Austria (Arnie Berkers)

613.Stamps Down Under Stamp and FDC Swap Site (Walter Schillani - Australia)

614.Stamps Exchange with G. J. van Ooijen (S.C. van Ooijen - The Netherlands)

615.Stamps for Exchange or Sale (Perfulator - Norway)

616.Stamps for Exchange (Vincent A. Randa - Australia)

617.Stamps for Sale (Denis Pavelin - Croatia)

618.Stamps for Trade (Charlie Lorts - Australia)

619.Stamps from Cuba, Canada, China, Sweden, and France (Ald Charette - Canada)

620.Stamps from Russia and Hungary (Jan Langenberg - The Netherlands)

621.Stamps From Russia, Moldova, Poland, Ukraina, Belarus, Germany (old), Mongolia and Others Wishes to Exchange (Koro Inc., Korobov Sergey - Russia)

622.Stamps From the Whole World for Exchange (Jacob Poul Skoubo - Denmark)

623.Stamps Galore Buy, Sell and Exchange Italian Area (Ciro Gallifuoco - Australia)

624.Stamps of Amphibians (Jorge Biera - Spain)

625.Stamps of Belgium, France, Great Britain, Guernsey, Italy (Frederic Pierard - Belgium)

626.Stamps of Comics (Jorge Biera - Spain)

627.Stamps of Indonesia (Husin Wijaya - Indonesia)

628.Stamps of Japan (Bob Okumura - United States)

629.Stamps of Maurus Damian (Maurus Damian - Indonesia)

630.Stamps of Mexico - 1868 Issue Study Many Postal History Images (Doug Stout - United States)

631.The Stamps of the Grand Duchy of Baden (Eric Pearsall - United States)

632.Stamps of the United Kingdom and Italy (Tony Clayton - United Kingdom)

633.Stamps of the World (Japan)

634.Stamps of the World (Marcelo Medone - Argentina)

635.Stamps of Trains (J. Biera - Spain)

636.Stamps to Exchange Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Germany (Berlin) (Ales Trtnik - Slovenia)

637.Stamps With Errors (Emmanuel Delperdange - Belgium)

638.Stamps With Fossil Man (Gerhard Winter - Germany)

639.Stamps/Briefmarken (Thomas Schmidtkonz - Germany)

640.Stamps: A Virtual Collection (Kaleb Keithly - United States)

641.Stamps: My Collecting Areas (Gary Grioux - United States)

642.Stamps (Geir Kaasa - Norway)

643.Stamps (Kristian Aune - Norway)

644.Stamps (Simen Sveen - Norway)

645.Stamps (Kjell Aasum - Norway)

646.Stamps (Sverre Holth - Norway)

647.Stamps (Franck Zibi - France)

648.Stamps (Marjut Johanna Ilona Vuolanne - Finland)

649.StampXchange (Matthew Dikmans - Belgium)

650.Steen's Residence Denmark, Greenland, Danish West Indies, Faroe Islands (Steen Hartmann - Denmark)

651.Stein Kristiansens Frimerker (Norway)

652.Steve Ford's Stamp Pages (Steve Ford - Australia)

653.Steve Rose's Stamp Page (Steve Rose - United States)

654.Steve's Philatelic Page Collector of US and Germany Stamps (Steve Staton - United States)

655.Steve's Stamp Page (United States)

656.Steve's Stamp Page (Steve Sherman - United States)

657.Studie Koninklijke Beeltenis van Z.M. Koning Boudewijn - Type Elstrm (De Paepe Roger - Belgium)

658.Study of the United States Three Cent Postage Stamp Issue of 1851-1857 (David Aeschliman - United States)

659.Study on Marianne de Cheffer (M. Edouard Pricart - France)

660.Submarines (Vadim Lapin - Russia)

661.Svein's Frimerker (Svein Johnny Hellevik - Norway)

662.Swan Stamps Specialist in British Stamps (Steve Bennett - United Kingdom)

663.Swap Used Definitivies (Navin Lobo - India)

664.Swappers and Collectors Pages Banknotes, Coins, Used Phonecards and New Postcards (Walter and Roberto Onori - Italy)

665.Swedish Wapon (Kenneth Matz - Sweden)

666.Swing Time Philately Golf and Baseball/Softball on Stamps (Rob Vantuyl - The Netherlands)

667.Swiss Stamps (Reto Ambrosini - Switzerland)

668.Sylvester's Stamps and Covers (Stacey Sylvester - Canada)

669.Srie Coloniale (France)

670.T. Rex Philately (Fran Adams - United States)

671.Tage Frederiksen's Home Page (Tage Frederiksen - Denmark)

672.Tage Frederiksen (Tage Frederiksen - Denmark)

673.Talyllyn Railway - Railway Letter Service (Richard Huss - United Kingdom)

674.Tanners Stamps (Duane Tanner - United States)

675.Tausche Briefmarken-Exchange Stamps-Scambio Francobolli (Roberto Chinese - Italy)

676.Teaching the Holocaust Through Stamps (Chaya Ostrower - Israel)

677.Telecommunicaction Stamps and Cards (Jan Smits - Netherlands)

678.Telecommunication Stamps & Cards (The Netherlands)

679.Thai Stamps (Wanchok Watanasin - Thailand)

680.Thai Stamps (Dinesh Mahtani (Dino) - United States)

681.The BESt Site (Jordi - Spain)

682.The Crazy World of Errors on Stamps (Emmanuel Delperdange)

683.The Forces, Prisoner of War and Censor Mail (Bruce Haynes, Ph.D., and Brian Pope, M.Phil. - Western Australia)

684.The History and Development of Writing As Depicted On Stamps (Jonathon Blake - United States)

685.The History of the One Penny of Great Britain (Franz Zehenter - Austria)

686.The Private Stamp Collection of Helen Cho (United States)

687.The Stamping Grounds (United States)

688.Thematic Stamp Collector's Page Windmill/Water Mill, Pictorial Cancels, Japanese Scenic Cancels (Japan)

689.Tim "Stretch" Streed's Stamp Page (Tim Streed - United States)

690.Tim's Stamp Page (United States)

691.Timbres et defense How Stamps Represent the Armed Forces and Defense All Around The World (Daniel Roudeillac - France)

692.Titanic Stamps (Ye Meng - Canada)

693.Titia and Rob's Stamp Corner (Rob and Titia Vlaardingerbroek - Netherlands)

694.Tobben's Stamp page (Torbjrn Helgesen - Norway)

695.TodoColeccin (David Hernndez Sanz - Spain)

696.Tokarski, The Guild of St. Gabriel (Ted Tokarski - Poland)

697.Toke Nrby's Personal Page Danish Philately and Postal History (Toke Nrby - Denmark)

698.Tonga Jan Flips for Philately (United States)

699.Topical and Holographic Stamps (Ulrich Schmitt - Germany)

700.Topical Philately and History on the Sea (Paulo Pacheco - Portugal)

701.Topical Philately Related to Mohandas K. Gandhi (R.V.Rajan - United States)

702.Topical Stamps (United States)

703.Topicals on Stamps (Sarah Perelli-Minetti - United States)

704.Torino (Gianni Settimo - Italy)

705.Tourism on Stamps, Covers, and Postal Stationery (Bruce Marsden - United States)

706.Train Stamps (Masashi Kominami - Japan)

707.Trains and Stamps (Franois Boudy - France)

708.Trains on Fred Collins Handpainted FDCs (William M. Senkus - United States)

709.Trains on Stamps (Japan)

710.Trains on U. S. Stamps and Postal Stationary (William M. Senkus - United States)

711.Travelling the World on Art Stamps (Ann Mette Heindorff - Denmark)

712.Stamps of Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad)

713.Tsekin Postal History (Markku Korhonen - Finland)

714.Turkish & Ottoman Stamps (Merter SAVAS - Turkey)

715.Turkish Stamps (Gultekin Ozaltinordu - United States)

716.Turtle Meter Stamps (Miriam Congedo - Italy)

717.Tusitala Philatelica - Robert Louis Stevenson on Stamps (Steve Trussel - United States)

718.The U.S. Collector (Bill Howard - United States)

719.Ukraine Illustrated Stamp Album (Nikolai Beliantchikov - Australia)

720.Ulf's Philately Page (Ulf Rick - Sweden)

721.Ulrich's Stamps Page (Ulrich Strauer - Germany)

722.Ulysses S. Grant on Stamps (M. Kelsey - United States)

723.Une Approche de la Thematique Maeonnique (Jean-Pol Ducene - Belgium)

724.United States Postage (David L. McClain - United States)

725.US 2nd Bureau Issue Postal History of the US 2nd Bureau Issue (1902-1909) Geoff Dutton - United States)

726.Used Topical Stamps of the World for Exchange. (Sergey Belaev - Russia)

727.Vagn Andersen Stamps Collection (Vagn Andersen - Denmark)

728.Van der Donck Over 500 Stamps, For Exchange or For Sale (Bart Van der Donck - Belgium)

729.Van Gogh on Stamps (De Dijcker Jonathan - Belgium)

730.Variphilatelie (Lionel Laurens - France)

731.Victorian Stamps, South Africa and its States (David A.Green - United Kingdom)

732.Viet Minh Overprints 1945-1946 (Andrew Crenshaw - United States)

733.Vincent Treanton Philatelic Page (Vincent Treanton - Canada)

734.Vintage Labels - The Lost Art of Travel Cinderellas (Ian Nicholson - United States)

735.Vintage Postcards of North Adams,Berkshire County, Massachusetts (Shirley Bruso - United States)

736.Virtual Zeppelin Stamp Collection (Jack Frostt - United Kingdom)

737.Voetbalzegels/enveloppen w.o.Ajax/Feyenoord (Jaap-Willem Roetman - Holland)

738.Volcanoes on Stamps (Jim Whitford-Stark - United States)

739.Volcanos on Stamps (Russia)

740.Volleyball Philately (Gunter Pilz - Austria)

741.W.S.C. World Stamps Collector (YSEBAERT Jean-Claude - Belgium)

742.Wally's Stamp Page (Wally Silvestri - Canada)

743.Weir & Larminie Encased Postage Stamp (ominic Labb - Canada)

744.WhiTech (John White - United States)

745.Wildlife on Postage Stamps (Tricia Cutler - United States)

746.Willem's Stamp Site (Willem-Jan Wijk - The Netherlands)

747.William III's Handcrafted Cachets (William III - United States)

748.William's Stamp Page (William Thompson - United States)

749.Winkie's Philatelic Home Pages (Karl Winkelmann - United States)

750.Winston's Stamp Webpage (Winston Wu - Singapore)

751.Works of Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Precancels (Hans Hilte - The Netherlands)

752.World At War - The Stamp Album of World War II (James V. Bond - United States)

753.Worldwide Collecting For Beginners (United Kingdom)

754.Worldwide Stamp Collector (1850-1950) (Gloor Yves - France)

755.Worldwide Stamps (Gertrud Vahlbruch - Germany)

756.Wouters Filasite (Wouter Geraedts - Netherlands)

757.WWF Stamps (RuStamps - Russia)

758.XA Space Page (Petr Chytka - Czech Republic)

759.Xinzhong Y's Home Page (Finland)

760.Zebras on Stamps (Francois Maurus - France)

761.Zeeland Philately (Toon Oomens - Netherlands)

762.Zeppelin Study Group (Germany)

763.Zeppelin (John Dziadecki - United States)

764.Zwerdling Nursing Archives Picture Postcards of the Nursing Profession (1893-Now) (Michael Zwerdling, RN - United States)

Country Specific

Note: This list contains very old links, some of which are no longer relevant.

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1.       The Faroe Stampsite (Jeffrey Crown - United States)

2.       An Abu Dhabi Postal History (Khalid A. Al Omaira - UAE)

3.       Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal Stationery (Andrew Gondocz - Canada)

4.       Mail in the Land of the Fire Antarctica and Islands of the South Atlantic (Jose Hernandez - Argentina)

5.       East-Germany (former) Antarctic Research Station (Hans-Dieter Neuser - Germany)

6.       Antarctic Philatelic Home Page (Gary Pierson - United States)

7.       Antarctic Philately from New Zealand (Klaus Arne Pedersen - New Zealand)

8.       Antarctic Philately (Yves Duflot - France)

9.       Filatelia Argentina (Pablo Di Maria - Argentina)

10.    The Stamps of Aruba (Michael Connolly - United States)

11.    Asian Stamps (Konstantin Grinchenko - Ukraine)

12.    Asia Stamps Center (Dennis YT Law - United States)

13.    Philately in Australasia (Alan Arnold - Australia)

14.    Australian Collectors Network (Andrew Little and George Knight - Australia)

15.    Australian Flora on Postage Stamps (Murray Fagg - Australia)

16.    Australian Flora on Postage Stamps (Australian National Botanic Gardens - Australia)

17.    Australian Football and Philately (Paul Davies - Australia)

18.    Australian Postal History Pages (John R. Tollan)

19.    Australian Stamps (Isaac Nakhla - Australia)

20.    Canberra Australia Philatelic, Postcard and Postal History (Hans Karman - Australia)

21.    Sydney Stamp Centre Australia (Michael Hudson - Australia)

22.    Wombat Lake Stamps Australia (Warren Laker - Australia)

23.    The Postal History of Austria (Thomas Berger - Switzerland)

24.    Austria and its Philately (Andy Taylor - United Kingdom)

25.    Austria on Covers (G Canseco - Spain)

26.    Bahamas Postage Stamps and Postal History (Peter J. Roberts - United States)

27.    Bahemian and Worldwide Stamps (Don Joss - Bahamas)

28.    Baltic States (Steve Kowalski - United States)

29.    Philatelists Group: The Baltic Area (Jan Kaptein - The Netherlands)

30.    Postal History of the Baltic Area (Jan Kaptein - The Netherlands)

31.    Baltic Revenue Stamp Project (Steve Fernie)

32.    Philatelistenclub Bavaria History of the First Bavarian Stamp Issue (Thomas Hitzler - Germany)

33.    Belarus Illustrated Stamp Album (Nikolai Beliantchikov - Australia)

34.    The Belgian Philatelic Website (Bert Van Pottelberghe - Belgium)

35.    Belgian Philately (Morten J. Lintrup - Denmark)

36.    Belgian Stamps (Fabian - Belgium)

37.    Belgian WWI Red Cross Issues (Morten Lintrup - Denmark)

38.    BelStamps: Philately in Belgium (Guy Sydor - Belgium)

39.    Les Timbres Poste de Collection en Belgium (1997) (Houlou Janvier - Belgium)

40.    Republican State Association Belpochta (Belpochta - Belarus)

41.    Postage Stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Siba's Friends and Relatives Worldwide, Inc. - Switzerland)

42.    Bosnia-Herzegovina 1879-1918 (Carsten Abildgaard - Denmark)

43.    Bosnian Stamps (United States)

44.    Brazilian Stamps (Mauro Cernea - Brazil)

45.    British Commonwealth Postmarks (Robert S. Cragg - United Kingdom)

46.    Postal History of British New Guinea and Papua (John Redgrave - Australia)

47.    British Solomon Islands (Charles Miller - United States)

48.    British Empire Stamps (Luca Chierici - Italy)

49.    British Library Philatelic Collections

50.    British Postal Stationery 1971-1997 (Howard Summers - United Kingdom)

51.    British Stamps (Arne Danielsen)

52.    Philatelic Journey through the History of Bulgaria (Bjorn H. Bakken - Norway)

53.    Stamps of Bulgaria & Rest of the World (Stefan Mihaylov - Bulgaria)

54.    Stamps of Myanmar Burma (Steven Htut - Burma)

55.    Philtek Philatelie and Genealogie Canada (Jean-Paul Guiard - Canada)

56.    Walcer Stamps Canada (Wally Walcer - Canada)

57.    Canada Postal Issues (Stewart Clamen)

58.    1995 Canadian Stamp Program (CRB Heritage project)

59.    BRC Canadian Definitive Stamps (Brian Cannon - Canada)

60.    Learn About Modern Canadian Philately From Featured Philatelic Speaker, Bob McClelland (Bob McClelland - Canada)

61.    Normstamps Canadian Stamps (Norm Wagner - Canada)

62.    Canadian Definitive Stamps of 1972-77 (Jean Lafontaine - Canada)

63.    Canadian Inkjet Postmarks (Michel Gosselin - Canada)

64.    Canadian National Postal Museum

65.    Canadian Postal Archives Philatelic Collections (National Archives of Canada - Canada)

66.    Canadian Stamps and History (Marcel Granger - Canada)

67.    Canadian Stamps Auctions (Morton Jaquays - Canada)

68.    Canadian Stamps Mint and Used (Karl Marquis - Canada)

69.    Canadian Stamps Online (Barry Marles - Canada)

70.    Canadian Wildlife Conservation Stamp Program (Sherman Hines - Canada)

71.    Postal History of Canal Zone Panama Canal Review -- May 1964 (CZBrats - Panama Canal)

72.    Catalogo Francobolli Italiani (Teazzo - Italy)

73.    Central/Eastern Europe and CIS Philatelic Resources (Tan Wee Cheng - Singapore)

74.    Ceylon Sri Lankan Stamps (Kavan Ratnatunga - United States)

75.    Sellos de Chile (Fernando Alvarado - Chile)

76.    stampNETion China and Hong Kong (Daniel Wong - China)

77.    A Complete Stamp Collection of  China (1878-1993) ( Longtian Wang - China Guide Company)

78.    All China Stamps Message Board and Chat Room (William Zhen - United States)

79.    All China Stamps (William Zhen - United States)

80.    Fidelity Trading Company China (Cliff Herrick - United States)

81.    Philately from China and other Asian countries (Austrian Consult AG Dr. Friedrich Zettl) - Austria)

82.    Stamps of China (Steve Cohen - United States)

83.    The Stamps and Cancellations of Imperial China (Tommy Chiu - China)

84.    China Definitives (Zhou Jie - China)

85.    China Stamp Page (Ji Sun - United States)

86.    Chinese Philately: Stamps and Cancellations of Imperial China (Tommy Chiu - Canada)

87.    Chinese Stamps (John Adams - United Kingdom)

88.    Chinese Stamps (China)

89.    Chinese Stamps (Hu Hengjie - China)

90.    Cocos Island Postal Stamp Album (Peter Disch-Lauxmann - United States)

91.    Philately in Colombia (Daniel Alejandro Lopez - Columbia)

92.    Columbian Semi Officials and Rural Stamps (Rainer Fuchs - United States)

93.    Stamps of Comoros Islands including Mayotte Official site for SNPT Comores (MWEZINET, Eric MILAN - France)

94.    Flags of the Congo on Stamps (Joan-Francs Blanc - Zaire)

95.    Croatian Provisional Issue Plate Varieties (Phil Hughes - United States)

96.    Croatian Stamps (Tomislav Mikulic - Australia)

97.    Croatian Stamps (Tom Mikulic - Australia)

98.    Stamps of  Croatia (Vladimir Braus)

99.    Annotated Bibliography of Cuban Philatelic Literature (Ernesto Cuesta - United States)

100.Cuban Postal Museum

101.Cuban Stamp Program (Alfred Brito - United States)

102.Cuban Stamps (Alexey Kunicin - Russia)

103.Peter's Page of Czechoslovakian Stamps (Peter Hoffman - Sweden)

104.Peter's Page Czechoslovakian Stamps (Peter Hoffmann - Sweden)

105.World of Czechoslovakian Stamps (Jan Kohout - Czech Republic)

106.Czechoslovakian Stamp Resources (Gerhard Batz - Germany)

107.Czechsum: Philately of Czechoslovakia (Jason Cartwright - United Kingdom)

108.Gallery - Czechoslovakia Stamps 1918-... (Radomir Danenberger - Czech Republic)

109.Czech and Slovak Stamp Artists (Gerhard Batz - Germany)

110.Czech Entires (Lubor Kunc - Czech Republic)

111.Czech Philately On Line (Lubor Kunc - Czech Republic)

112.Czech Postal History (Peter Gebauer - Czech Republic)

113.The Danish West Indies (Torben Mehl Jorgensen - Denmark)

114.Danish Christmas Seals (Ann Mette Heindorff - Denmark)

115.Danish Postmarks (Toke Nrby - Denmark)

116.Perfins from Denmark (Jan Langenberg - The Netherlands)

117.Postal Stationery from Denmark (Lars Engelbrecht - Denmark)

118.Denmark Postmarks and Faroe Islands Postmarks (C. Cavers - United States)

119.Denmark Typographed Wavy Stamps (Bo Meyer - Denmark)

120.Postal History of Dubai (Khalid A. Al Omaira - UAE)

121.Dubai Stamps and Postal Stationery (Andrew Gondocz - Canada)

122.Japanese Occupation of Dutch East Indies Discussion Group (Andrew Freeston - United States)

123.Dutch Stamps (Teunis - The Netherlands)

124.Stamps of East Europa Bulgaria, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania (Sergey - Russia)

125.Eastern Europe Supplier (Karol Fercak - Slovakie)

126.El Salvador Philatelic Handbook (Guillermo Gallegos - Mexico)

127.Emirates Philatelic Association (Khalid A Al Omaira - UAE)

128.USSR Pre-franked Covers with Estonian Topics (Bert Hoflund - Sweden)

129.Estonian Philately Web (Elmo Viigipuu - Estonia)

130.Estonian Philately (Alar Pastarus - Sweden)

131.Estonian Philately (Elmo Viigipuu - Estonia)

132.European Railway Stamps (John can der Pijl - Netherlands)

133.Philately in the European Union (Sjoerd Jager - The Netherlands)

134.Falkland Islands Philately (Stefan Heijtz - Sweden)

135.Faroe Islands Stamp Catalogue (Tom Lintern-Mole - United Kingdom)

136.Faroe Islands

137.Faroe Stamps (Steen Petersen - Faroe Islands)

138.Post Fiji Limited (Post Fiji Ltd. - Fiji)

139.Stamps of Finland Saarinen Definitives (United Kingdom)

140.Erikoisleimat Finnish Stamps (Henri Seulanto - Finland)

141.Cancellations on the Stamps of France (Guy Maggay - France)

142.Stamps from France (Toussaint Coppolani - France)

143.Stamps of France 1876 to 1900 (France)

144.Stamps of France (Vedier Pascal - France)

145.France History By Its Stamps (Laurent Lemerle - France)

146.Martins Philatelie Franco-German Philately (Ralf Gottelmann - France)

147.The French Marianne Issues (David Mills - United States)

148.French Definitive Stamps (Dominique Stephan - France)

149.French Offices of the Ottoman Empire (Robert Desert - France)

150.French Philately: Marianne de Gandon Issues of 1945-47 (Julien Sobrier - France)

151.French Postal History (Jean-Luc Bonnafoux - France)

152.French Postal History (Thomas Berger - Switzerland)

153.French Postal Stationery (Andre Hurtre - France)

154.French Railroad Postmarks (Alain Bonnevie - France)

155.German and Austrian Area Pricelists (Ralph Schneider - US)

156.Jurgen v. Schmeling Briefmarkenversand German and Scandinavian Stamp Site (Jurgen v. Schmeling - Germany)

157.Early Issues of Germany (Gregg - United States)

158.J.G. Heckert Germany and Related Areas (J.G. Heckert - United States)

159.Kurland (Wilhelm van Loo - Germany )

160.Philately of the Allied Occupation of Germany (John Tollan - Australia)

161.South East Philately (Peter Hornung - Germany )

162.Germany West- & East-Germany, Berlin (Roland Karassek - Germany)

163.Peter Bjorks Briefmarkenseite German (Peter Bjork - Sweden)

164.PGP - Pretty German Postcards (Ronald Frank - Germany)

165.Southern Mail specializing in German Stamps (Stephen Le Vine - United Kingdom)

166.German Language Philatelist Links (Walter Christ - Germany)

167.German Propaganda Forgeries for Great Britain (Wolfgang Prtzsch - Sweden)

168.German Trains on Stamps (von Manfred Kopka - Germany)

169.Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau (GPB - Gibraltar)

170.Gibraltar Stamps (Henry Benitez - Gibraltar)

171.The One Penny and Twopence Postage Stamps of Great Britain 1840-1880 (Tim Burgess - United States)

172.Great Britain Line Engraved Victoria Made Easy (Bill Blank)

173.Great Britain Machin Collectors in Australia (Albert Farrugia - Australia)

174.Great Britain Machins: Over 1,333 varieties Identified (Robin Harris - United Kingdom)

175.Great Britain Used to Trade (Thomas Schmidt - Germany)

176.Philatelic Studies of John A. McCulloch Great Britian & Australia (John McCulloch - United States)

177.Arthur Ryan and Co. Great Britian (Dez Thomas - Great Britain)

178.GBStamps.com Great Britian (Larry Rosenblum - United States)

179.Greek Stamps Info Page (Dimitrios Gotzaridis - Greece)

180.Greek Stamps (George Nikolaou - Greece)

181.Guernesey 1940 - 1946 (Bruno de Morel - France)

182.Haiti : A Selection of Seldom Seen and Unusual Items, 1843-1904 (Peter C. Jeannopoulos - United States)

183.Haiti Philatelic Homepage (Dr. Gerald Boarino - United States)

184.Post Office In Paradise: Mail & Postage Stamps of Nineteenth Century Hawaii (Scott 31 - Hawaii, United States)

185.The Hong Kong Treaty Ports (Robert Wilson - United States)

186.Hong Kong Stamp Catalogue (Patrick Lam)

187.Hong Kong Stamps' Home Page (Clement Liang - Hong Kong)

188.Hong Kong Stamps (Danny Ko - Hong Kong)

189.Illustated List of Recent Hungarian Stamps (Sandor Frey - Hungary)

190.Hungarian Philatelic Magazine (Interfila - Hungary)

191.Hungarian Stamp Collecting (Pierre Vattepain - France)

192.Hungarian Stamps and Trading (Zoltan Miklos - Belgium)

193.Icelandic Stamps Web (Vigfus Palsson - Iceland)

194.Specialised Stamp Catalogue of Iceland (Thomas Graungaard - Denmark)

195.Court Fees and Revenues of India States (Jiri Cerny - Czech Republic)

196.Collect Indian Stamps (Raj Kumar - India)

197.Indian Postage Stamps (Mehul Shah - United States)

198.Indian Postage Stamps (Sapan Jhaveri - India)

199.Postage Stamps of India Used Abroad (Robert Wilson - United States)

200.Stamp Bank India (Navin Lobo - India)

201.Stamps of India (Bijoy Sinha - India)

202.Stamps of India (Madhukar Jhingan - India)

203.The Court Fee and Revenues Stamps of India Princely States (Ing. Jiri Cerny - Czech Republic)

204.India Post: Postal Training Centre - New Indian Stamps, E-cards With Stamp Images, Philately Quiz, etc.

205.Indonesian Postal History (Harry Julsing - Netherlands)

206.Indonesian Stamp Catalog (Eldi Philately World, Lucky Daniel Krompis - Indonesia)

207.IPSC Philatelic Guide to Iran (Dave Armacost - United States)

208.PersiPhila Philately of Iran (Mehrdad Sadri - United States)

209.Forschungs und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Irland: Irish Collecting Society in Germany (Klaus Stange - Germany)

210.Wolf Collection of Irish Postage Stamps (George Rugg - United States)

211.Irish Airmail (Bill Murphy)

212.Irish Philately (James O'Brien - United Kingdom)

213.Irish Philately (Michael Connolly - United States)

214.Irish Stamps: Effects of the Partition of Ireland on the Postal Service (1920-1922) (Arwel Parry - Ireland)

215.Irish Stamps (Jay Gregg)

216.Famous Portraits on the Stamps of  Israel (Sam Zwetchkenbaum - United States)

217.Famous Portraits on the Stamps of Israel

218.Israel Klussendorf Postage Labels (Evyatar Chelouche - Israel)

219.Exchanger Collectors' Association: Italian Collecting (Stamps, Postal History, Coins, etc.) (Daniele - Italy)

220.Old Italian States (Italy)

221.Old Italian States (Lorenzo Gilardi - Italy)

222.Italian Philately (Francesco De Carlo - Italy)

223.Italian Stamps Featuring Birds (Maudoc Birding - Italy)

224.Italian Stamps (Marco Negr - Italy)

225.Steve Jarvis' Jamaican Stamps (Steve Jarvis - United Kingdom)

226.Beautiful Japanese Stamp Images (Yasuhiko Iwaoka - Japan)

227.Japanese Philately (N.Yamamoto - Japan)

228.Japanese Stamps and History (Tadahiro Iwata)

229.Japanese Stamps (Bob Okumura - Japan)

230.Hikawa Stamps of Japan (Koji Ninomiya - Japan)

231.Postcard and Swordguard Postmarks from Japan (Anker Nielsen - Norway)

232.Collecting Kashmir Stamps of Jammu & Kashmir (1866-1894) (V. & C. von der Lin - Canada)

233.Penn Family's Korean Stamps (Harold Penn - United States)

234.The Facts of Korean Classic Stamps (Jae-Seung Kim - Korea)

235.Latin American Philatelics (Stephen Roche - United Kingdom)

236.Latin American Philately (Joseph Hahn - United States)

237.Latin American Philately (Brian Moorhouse - United Kingdom)

238.Lettonica - Latvian Modern Philately (Paul Bischoff - Denmark)

239.Latvian Philately (Juris Mors - Sweden)

240.Latvian Philately (Juris Mors - Sweden)

241.Latvian Philately (Bill Apsit - United States)

242.Lebanese Philatelic Archives (Elie I. Mourad - United States)

243.Lebanese Philatelist Archives (Elie I. Mourad - United States)

244.Lebanon and Middle East Countries (Zaher Kanafani - Lebanon)

245.Libyan Boy and Girl Scouts Stamps (Ibrahim Ighneiwa - Libya)

246.Lithuanian Philatelist's Site (Kestutis Mikoliunas - Lithuania)

247.A Philatelic Tour of Lithuania (Ron Yankowski - United States)

248.Philately of Lithuania (Jan Kaptein - Netherlands)

249.Philately of Lithuania (Kestas - Lithuania)

250.The Stamp Issues of Lundy (K.E. Arnesen - Norway)

251.Luxembourg Stamps (Serge Ungeheuer - Luxembourg)

252.Luxembourg Stamps (Gary Little - United States)

253.Stamps of the Republic of Macedonia (Dimitri Laskoski - Macedonia)

254.Macedonia Philately (Macedonia FAQ Development Team - Macedonia)

255.Malaysia and Singapore Stamps (Kok Heng Lee - Malaysia)

256.StampCity: Malaysian Stamps (Kenneth Loh - Malaysia)

257.Malaysian Stamp Park (Ahmad Faisal Alias - Malaysia)

258.Malaysian Stamps A listing of stamps issued by Malaysia Post (Lee Chia Mei - Malaysia)

259.Collect Stamps From Malaysia (Teh Hean Lam - Malaysia)

260.Malaysia Dealer/Kiloware page (K.C. Tee - United States)

261.History of Malta on Stamps (Albert Farrugia - Australia)

262.Stamps of Malta Since 1972 (Max Mangion - Malta)

263.Valletta European City of Culture 1998 Malta Sourvenier Sheet (Elaine Cachia and Mark Fiorentino - Malta)

264.Malta 's Postage Stamps (John D. Dingli - Malta)

265.Malta FDCs Online (Mark Fiorentino - Malta)

266.Manitoba Stamps Calling (Glenn F. Hansen - Canada)

267.The Marshall Islands (Dirk HR Spennemann - Australia)

268.Classic Stamps of Mauritius (Peter M.C. Werner - Switzerland)

269.Filatelia Mexicana /Philatelie Mexicaine (UQAC, Juan-Manuel Torres - Canada