Davaar Island stamps

P=have O=don’t have it

Davaar Island is located at the mouth of Campbeltown Loch off the east coast of Kintyre, in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. It is a tidal island, linked to the mainland by an natural shingle causeway near Campbeltown at low tide.

In 1854, a Lighthouse was built on the north of the island by the lighthouse engineers David and Thomas Stevenson. The lighthouse was automated in 1983, and today, Davaar is only inhabited by caretakers and sheep.

The island is also known for its seven caves, one of which contains a cave painting depicting a crucifixion, painted in secrecy by a local man in 1887 after a dream.

Local stamps were issued for Davaar in the 1960s. The stamps served the many visitors to the island who wished to have their mail posted there, and carried by the boatman to the nearest GPO Post Box at Campbeltown on the mainland. The boatman service ended some time in the early 1970s. Postage Rates were double those of the UK.

File:Argyll and Bute UK relief location map.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2d/Davaar_Island.jpg

Image of item 28554

Scott: #???O

Issued: ??.??.1967


Inside #???: Europa Stamps


Belgium #496P

Saar #318O

Switzerland #417O

G.B. #377P

Netherlands #372P


France #930P

Belgium #573P

Monaco #617P

Germany #867P

Greece #801O

Thanks to Attilio Papio

Scott: #???O

Issued: ??.??.1971

10th Anniversary of the South African Republic, Interstex Stamp Exhibition

  Inside #???: Transvaal #1

 Inside #???: Transvaal #7

Scott: #???O

Thanks to Lou for the scans

Lou wrote: The 1869-1871 Transvaal stamps have an interesting history. They were printed, sometimes simultaneously, in both Germany and the first South African Republic, in different size formats and colors, imperf and rouletted.  When the German printer was not paid by the Boer government, he recouped his expenses by reprinting the stamps and selling them to philatelic dealers in Europe; later, as the known producer of the actual stamps, he was able to create and sell totally bogus values and colors. Altho listed as Transvaal issues in all the major catalogs, the stamps are inscribed “Z. AFR. REPUBLIEK”- ZUID AFRIKAAN REPUBLIEK.


The stamps and s/s are not very good quality printing, but the designer put some thought into his work. First, he made the two stamps se tenant with English and Boer-Dutch bi-lingual inscriptions, just as South African stamps were produced for many years, and secondly, instead of choosing current stamps of South Africa for its 10th Anniversary, he used the two types (note the eagle above the shields) of the stamps of the first South African Republic issued 100 years previously.