Dahomey stamps

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Dahomey was an African kingdom on the west coast of Africa. The kingdom was founded in the 17th century and survived until 1894, when it was conquered by the French and incorporated into France's West African colonies. The Republic of Dahomey was proclaimed in 1958. Dahomey changed its name to the People's Republic of Benin in November, 1975.

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Scott: #C19P

Issued: 8.9.1963

African Postal Union Issue

Inside #C19: Stamps on Envelopes

Scott: #C58P

Issued: 19.7.1967

Dr. Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967), german chancellor

Inside #C58: Pseudo Stamp


Scott: #C61O

Issued: 9.9.1967

African Postal Union Issue, 1967

Inside #C61: Stamp on Envelope

A sunken die proof, printed in deep blue for the 100 Francs Air Mail stamp issued in commemoration of the African and Malagache Postal and Telecommunications Union.  Depicts two covers with stamps, a map of Africa, a telecommunications tower, posthorn, etc. Signed by artist MICHEL MONVOISIN.

Scott: #C94P

(Thanks to Eli for the scan)

Issued: 14.2.1969


#119 Inside #C94: Dahomey #119O

A sunken die proof, printed in deep brown for the 50 Francs Air Mail stamp issued in conjunction with Philexafrique exhibiton held in Abijan. Depicts a stamp of Dahomey and an aerial view of the city ot Cotonou. Signed by artist J C DESSEY.


Scott: #C232O

Issued: 9.10.1974

Communications and Transportation

Astronaut canceling envelope on moon

Inside #C232: Pseudo Stamp

According to Scott It is uncertain if this issue was valid for postage or recognized by the Dahomey government.

Scott: #C260O

Issued: 22.8.01975


Inside #C260: Pseudo Stamps



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Dahomey #119


Scott: #C61O


Dahomey #277 for Congo


Dahomey #C191 for Guinea


Scott: #C232

Scott: #C260O