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§  Stamps on Stamps: The Logical Topical, by Bunny Kaplan


§  Philatelic Echoes of Empire:  Jamaica’s One Shilling Invert Frame By Richard Howard


§  The Stamp Whispers, the Letter Speaks, By Martin Hirschbühl


§  The Consequential Sequence, By Martin Hirschbühl With illustrations by Lou Guadagno


§  Soviet and Russian Postal Stationery, By Gaston Barrette


§  Classic Stamps and Postmarks on Stamps of Spain, By William E. Critzer


§  Postal Stationery: a Worthy Collectible, By Gaston Barrette


§  Stamps Under Glass (SUG Revisited), By Judy Hornaday


§  More Cinderellas of the Penny Black Centenary, By Wes Shellen


§  United Nations Souvenir Cards and SOS, By Harry Skallerup


§  The 100th Anniversary of the first Stamp on stamp, By Lou Guadagno




In My Collection - Malaysia 1967

Lou Guadagno

1967 was the year I started collecting Stamps on Stamps, and I bought a set of the three Malaysia Centenary stamps from the Minkus shop in Gimbel's Department Store as soon as they were available. I lreally liked the colorful, odd-shaped stamps with their "then and now" SoS.


malaysia 48-500001


Some weeks later, I was visiting another dealer's shop in Manhattan, and he mentioned he had just gotten his supply of the issue. Before I could say I already had it, he pulled out his half-sheets, and I was delighted to see that they showed the stamps were printed tete-beche, which I had not been aware of before. He said to buy pairs, but I went with upper left corner blocks of four which showed the unusual layout much better than two. 

Years later, I started to acquire the reproduced stamps to add to my collection, and sought out the 1867 Straits Settlements and Malaysia 1965 bird stamps.  It took almost a year, with buys from three sources.


malaysia fdcs0001


I found out that first day covers were created in most of the major cities of  Malaysia and now have seven different such cancels-- I'm showing three.

I like to add a piece or two of commercial mail with SoS to my collections when I can find them, and especially if they show foreign destinations, so I was happy to add the two in my last scan.

This issue was one of my earliest SoS acquisitions, but its pages are an example of the growth of my collection thru the years.


malaysia comm'l0001


I hope you enjoyed seeing them, and it gave you some impetus to expand your own collection.


Stay well,

Lou Guadagno






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