Somali Coast stamps

P=have O=don’t have it

Somali Coast – A French Overseas Territory in western Africa (bordering on the Gulf of Aden). In 1967 the territory changed its name to Afars and Issas. Currently (since 1977) known as the Republic of Djibouti.

See: Djibouti

See also: Afars and Issas



Scott: #163O, #165-75O

Thanks to Jan Van Lin for the scan

Issued: 0.0.1938


sos obock 61 1894Inside #163: Obock #61O

Thanks to Lou for the scan

somali coast 209somali%20coast%20211somali%20coast%20212%20somali%20coast%20213%20somali%20coast%20214

somali%20coast%20215%20somali%20coast%20216somali%20coast%20217%20somali%20coast%20218somali coast 219

Scott: #209O, #211-9O

Issued: 0.0.1943

Scott #163, #165-75 Overprint “Libre

Thanks to Lou for the scans

Scott: #C19O

(Thanks to Lou for the scan)

Issued: 6.6.1954

Liberation of France, 10th Anniversary

#718 Inside #C19: France #718P

Scott: #237cO

Issued: 03.04.1944


sos obock 61 1894Inside #237c: Obock #61O

Lou wrote: Not too many are aware of this stamp, since it was issued and sold (with two other values) only by the Vichy government which had lost the area to the Free French. It is a re issue of # 169—even in color—but with the RF removed and POSTES made larger to fill the space.

It was listed in the original 1963 SOS Handbook with the Michel #. Scott did finally list it some years back with a fill in numbering.

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

Scott: #301P

Issued: 7.4.1964

Philatec Issue

#1054 Inside #301: France #1054P