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Sharjah's flag

Sharjah is the third largest of the seven states which form the United Arab Emirates.

Until 1963 civil mail from Sharjah tended to go through the post office in Dubai. Military mail from the British Forces stationed in the area went by air through the RAF airport in Sharjah. On 10 July 1963, Sharjah opened its own post office and began to issue its own stamps and postal stationery. Sharjah's dependencies are Kalba, Khor Fakkan and Dibbah. There were also unauthorized overprints using Himriyyah, the name of a village in the shaikhdom.

Sharjah and its dependencies joined the United Arab Emirates on 2 December 1971. Sharjah continued to issue stamps until 31 July 1972, when the UAE assumed postal responsibilities. Until the issuance of the first UAE definitive series on January 1, 1973, Sharjah continued to use its own stamps. Covers with mixed UAE and Sharjah frankings are known.


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See: United Arab Emirates


SG #223O

Issued: 2.9.1966

5th Annual FIP Congress

 #1 Inside #SG 223: Bavaria #1O


SG #252 (MI 333-5)O

Issued: 22.11.1966

Kennedy Gravesite Inauguration

 Inside #SG 252: Sharjah #C25

Lou wrote: The sos depicted is another unexplained designer change, for by the colors, it is actually Sc #C25 modified by changing the value from 40 to 60 np, that of Sc # C26. 

This issue is another that needs to have the actual stamps added to the display to show the designer’s modification.  The wrong ID in the checklist was caused by referring to the then current Scott catalog with its b/w illustration and “multi(color)” given as description for each value— without seeing the actual stamps, it was impossible to know a change had been made. I only discovered this when I bought a set of the actual stamps to get a C26 to mount with the sos, and ended up happily adding both stamps to the layout!

MK #274 (MI 375-7)O

Issued: 0.12.1967

4th Anniversary, Death of President Kennedy

SG #252 (MI 333-5) over-printed 4th Death Anniversary/22 Nov. 1967 & revalued

Thanks to Lloyd Gilbert for the scans

stamp sharjah 1968 oct. 15th og mexico mi bl. 43 b stamp mex 1968 silhouette of 8

MI Bl. #43 A+BO

Issued: 15.10.1968

Mexico Olympic Games

Inside MI Bi. #43A / #43B: Mexico


Pistol shooting

Mexico #990

Mexico #995

Modern pentathlon


Mexico #991

Mexico #985


Gymnastics on parallel bars

Mexico #994

Mexico #993



Mexico # C336

Mexico #C335

Water polo

Horse riding

Mexico #992

Mexico #C338

Thanks to Attilio Papio


Stamp SHARJAH KHOR FAKKAN 1969 SS Mi Bl. 21 A Stamp MEX 1968 silhouette of 8Stamp SHARJAH KHOR FAKKAN 1969 SS Mi Bl. 21 B imperforated Stamp MEX 1968 silhouette of 8

MI Bl. #21 A+BO

Issued: ??.??.1969

Over Print MI Bl. #43 A+B

MI #644-653

(MK #561-6P, #567-9O)

Issued: 10.7.1970

International Events of 1970

 Inside MI #644, MI #650: Sharjah 367

 Inside MI #645, MI #651: Yemen Arab Rep. MI #1106 from block #124 (1970)

 Inside MI #646, MI #652: Sharjah 416

 Inside MI #647: Sharjah MI #385

 Inside MI #648: Yemen Arab Rep. MI #1107 from block #125

Inside MI #649, MI #653:



France #1O

Wurttemberg #O97O

St. Settlements #174O

Egypt #1O




Sharjah MI #661

Switzerland #2L1O






G.B. MH 7 (#499)P

Mauritius #1O

(Thanks to Lou for the scans)



(Thanks to Zhang for the scans)

Mi BL #146O

(Thanks to Lou for the scan)

Issued: 0.0.1971

Philatokyo '71

#1 Inside Mi BL #146: Japan #1O

#2 Inside Mi BL #146: Japan #2O

#3 Inside Mi BL #146: Japan #3O

#4 Inside Mi BL #146: Japan #4O

Lou wrote: This ss was the most elusive SOS issue in my collection.  It took me almost 40 years to finally acquire it, and the sale site scan was the first time I had ever actually seen it.  I haven’t seen it listed since.

The listing in the Club database came from an article in the Apr-Jun 1979 Signal by Tomio Uyeda, a member from Japan; there was no cat # or photocopy. His description read: ss for 1969 Post Day with overprint showing Japan # 1-4 and Philatokyo ’71 logo, 170 x 120 mm, imperf, gummed. The Minkus cat # 557 in the database is incorrect.  According to my 1974 Minkus Trucial States Stamp Catalog, the ss is noted without a #, after #s 482, 482A-O (Philatokyo ’71 ovpt stamps) and the brief description is very similar, but does not mention the ss overprinted (which is # 473-- 5r, silver). 

As the Minkus catalogs are defunct, I used Michel # Block 146 in my database, even tho no value, color or description is noted, it is the ss listed after #s 1100-1115 which correspond to the above Minkus #s. There is no Block listed for Post Day 1969.  If you don’t like this #, then go with “Unlisted”.

Looking at the sheet closely, you can see that a grey panel with simulated perfs was added and then Japan #s  2-1-4-3 and the logo were printed on top.  Stamps on stamps in overprints are not common, and I like this one very much.  Best of all, it was cheap!

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