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Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts, an islands in the Caribbean Sea (about one-third of the way from Puerto Rico to Trinidad and Tobago), was the first British colony in the West Indies, established in 1623. Control was disputed between France and Britain on the 17th and 18th centuries. It was ceded to Britain in 1783. Saint Kitts and Nevis were united in 1882. The area gained internal self-government in 1967. Anguilla declared itself independent from the control of Saint Kitts in 1969. Saint Kitts and Nevis became independent in 1983.

The first postage stamps were issued for the colony of Saint Cristopher in 1870. From 1903 until 1951 stamps were issued for Saint Kitts-Nevis. Stamps for Leeward Islands were also used concurrently. In 1952 the stamps were issued for St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla. Starting in 1980 the stamps were inscribed "St. Kitts."

Early in 1980, the government of St. Kitts and Nevis decided to separate the stamp issuing policy so that each island would have its own postage stamps. Independent Philatelic Bureaus were established on each island and the first issue with individual names was released in September 1980.

See also: Saint Kitts and Nevis

See also: Saint Kitts

Scott: # 596-9O

(Thanks to Jan van Lin for the scans)

Issued: 3.5.1990

150th Anniversary, Penny Black

#1 AA Inside #596-9: G.B. #1 (B)


Scott: #600O

Scott: #601-4O

Issued: 3.5.1990

Commemoration of Thurn & Taxis Postal Service

Inside #601-5: Thurn & Taxis-Southern District Type A1 (B)

Scott: #605O

Thanks to Lloyd Gilbert for the scans



Scott: #1157-60O

Issued: 1.7.1999

IBRA - Stamps of 19th Century

#1 Inside #1157: Baden #1O

#1 Inside #1158: Brunswick #1O

#1 Inside #1159: Bergedorf #1O

#2 Inside #1159: Bergedorf #2O

#1 Inside #1160: Bremen #1O


Scott: #1161O

Inside #1161: TBI

#78 Inside #1161 (In Margin): Bavaria #78P

Inside #1161 (In Margin): TBI

Thanks to Attilio Papio


Scott: #1293O

Issued: 15.8.2002

APS Stampshow 2002

Inside #1293 (in margin): Pseudo stamps

Scott: #????-?O

Issued: 24.4.2006

2006 Winter Olympic Games - Turin, Italy

+USA M1412 Inside #????: U.S. Mi #1412

+ITA M958 Inside #????: Italia Mi #958

+ITA M960 Inside #????: Mi #960

+ITA M961 Inside #????: Mi #961

Thanks to Komlóssy Zoltán


Scott: #1305O

Issued: 26.8.2002

20th World Scout Jamboree

nevis 1305 detail sos nevis 1301 ss detail embossed

sos nevis 1301 ss 2002 (2)

Inside #1305 (On Background): Nevis #1301O

Lou wrote: This unusual sos was one of my discoveries back in 2002, and it is an issue that needs to have the reproduced or virtual stamp shown with it.

By chance, when scrolling thru some new issues, and coming across a scan of the Nevis s/s, I noticed that there appeared to be what could be a stamp in the background.  I could make out NEVIS, $2, and part of a design in some kind of odd presentation. Luckily, the same dealer had the scan of the s/s the stamp was taken from, so making my ID was easy, but trying to figure out what was done took awhile.

For some still un found reason, the designer added to the background of the Jamboree s/s a portion of an imperforate International Year of  Mountains s/s and then "photo-shopped" it to look like it was an engraving in rock.  There are portions of four stamps which can be made out (Sc #1305b-c, #1305 e-f), but only one is sizeable (Sc #1305f).  

I bought both sheets, but the few times I showed them, it was hard to convince the viewers that they were a stamp on stamp issue and the reproduced stamp.  At the time, I did not have a program to duplicate the treatment, but a few years ago, I downloaded a free XnView program, and in experimenting with what it could do, I found under Filters and then Effects a way to emboss an image.  I remembered this Nevis s/s and tried it out.  The embossed scan looked very much like that on the Nevis s/s and I added it to my collection page to illustrate the effect. I think you should have it too.

Thanks to Lou Guadagno


Scott: #1456O

Issued: 12.7.2005

Sede Vacante

#66 Inside #1456: Vatican City #66O

Join Issue of Micronesia, Nevis, Palau, Saint Vincent, Saint Vincent and Grenadines (Bequia) & Saint Vincent and Grenadines (Union Island).

Vacancy of the Holy Seat after the death of Pope John Paul II (Sede vacante). Twin omnibus series. One stamp per country showing a 1939 stamp from the Vatican State.


Scott: #1534O

Issued: 14.5.2008

Natural Scenes of Israel - Israel 2008

Inside #1534: Pseudo Stamps

Scan not available

Scott: #1535O


Scott: #1559O

Issued: 10.04.2009

Summer Games - China 2009

Inside #1559: Pseudo Stamps (logo)

Scan not available

Scott: #1560O

Thanks to G.B.

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