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Flag of Moldova

Moldova, officially the Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east and south. It declared itself an independent state with the same boundaries as the preceding Moldovan SSR in 1991, as part of the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Location of Moldova (green) on the European continent (green + dark grey)

Scott: #66, #67O

Issued: 26.12.1992

Admission to UPU

Inside #66: letter sorter and Pseudo Stamp

Scott: #137-9O

Issued: 22.7.1994

Stamp Day

Inside #137: Preparing stamp design

Inside #138: Printing stamps

Inside #139: Checking finished sheets

Scott: #283-6O

Thanks to Lou for the scans

Issued: 9.10.1998

140th Anniversary, Romanian Stamps

Inside #283: Romania #1O

Inside #283-4: Romania #2O

Inside #283: Romania #6 and #6a (tete-beche pair)O

Thanks to Lou for the scan

Inside #284: Romania #329O

Thanks to Lou for the scan

Inside #284: Romania type A177O

Thanks to Lou for the scan

Inside #285: Romania #4O

Inside #285: Russia #4132O

Inside #285: Russia #5916O

Inside #286: Romania #3O

Inside #286: Moldova #122O

Inside #286: Moldova #214O


Scott: #????O

Issued: 05.04.1999

120th Anniversary of Stamps of Sorokskij Uezd

Inside #???: Sorokskij Uezd, Zemstvo (local) 1879

(Thanks to Lou for the scan)


Scott: #????O

Issued: 17.07.1999

120th Anniversary of Stamps of Yassky Uezd

Inside #???: Yassky Uezd, Zemstvo (local) 1879

(Thanks to Lou for the scan)

Scott: #356-7O

Issued: 30.5.2000

Exhibitions 2000

Inside #357: Moldova #118O

Year of Dialogue Among CivilizationsYear of Dialogue Among Civilizations

Scott: #393-4O

Issued: 9.10.2001

Dialogue among Civilizations

Inside #394: Pseudo Stamp on Envelope

Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations

Thanks to Lloyd Gilbert

Scott: #382(a-c)O

Issued: 23.6.2001

10th Anniversary, Stamps of Moldova

Inside #382a: Moldova #1O

Inside #382b: Moldova #2O

Inside #382c: Moldova #3O

Scott: #????O

Issued: 31.10.2001

130th Anniversary, Zemstvo post of Orhei



Inside #????: Russia, Orhei (Orgheev) Zemstvo (local) 1885O

(Thanks to Lou for the scan)

Scott: #????, MI #U133O

Issued: 05.12.2001

10th Anniversary of RCC

Inside MI #U133: Pseudo Stamp

10th Anniversary of Moldovan Europa CEPT Stamps

Scott: #446O

Issued: 12.6.2003

10th Anniversary of Issues Europa of Moldova

Inside #446

The margins of the Souvenir Sheet bear issues Europa of Moldova:

















#166O (9.5.1995)

#302O (5.5.1999)

Scott: #496-7O

Issued: 20.7.2005

50th Anniversary of the first Europa Stamps

Inside #497: Europa type of 1956 (pic of Germany #748)

Scott: #498O


Scott: #???, MI #U192O

Issued: 04.10.2006

15th Anniversary of RCC

Inside MI #U192: Pseudo Stamp


Scott: #????O

Issued: 16.01.2008

UPU. International Seminar

Inside #???: Pseudo Stamp

Scott: #586-7O

Issued: 23.3.2008

150th Anniversary of First Moldavian Stamps

Inside #586: Romania #1O

Inside #586: Romania #2O

Inside #587: Romania #4O

Inside #587: Romania #3O


150th Anniversary of Moldavia's "Bulls" 21 July 1858 - 31 October 1858

On the 21st July 1858, in the town of Jassy, the Capital of the Principality of Moldavia, there appeared Romania's first stamps. Moldavia, nowadays the northeastern part of Romania is of some historical importance. Already in 1365 a system of intrinsic government came into existence, which under the rule of Prince Stephan the Great (1456 - 1504) fought to maintain independence against Hungary, Poland and the Ottoman Empire. After Stephan's death his successor recognized the authority of the Porte but in return received considerable rights concerning autonomy and the choice of their own Prince - all this provided they remained loyal to their overlords. The Coat of Arms of the small area between the Carpathians and the Black Sea depicted the Auroch-ox, which is to be found on documents and seals of the 14th and 15th centuries. This heraldic symbol graces the four values issued: 27, 54, 81 and 108 parale.

At the end of the Crimean War (1856) the Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia were under the protection of the Great Powers. In 1857 a omission for the reorganisation of the postal system of Moldavia proposed the introduction of stamps. The first step taken was to order from Vienna double circle postmarks, the strikes indicating a place name and the date and these came into use in April 1857 initially on stampless letters.

The first stamps were designed and prepared in the Moldavian Principality. A local engraver fashioned the four cliché. The iron blanks were imported from France. Each value was individually engraved and distinct recognisable differences can be seen. This is of great importance in expertising these stamps. The four original clichés together with those of the second issue are stored in the Bucharest Postal Museum. In places these are somewhat damaged by corrosion. In 1891 and again on several occasions in later years reprints were manufactured which can be recognised as such; details are given in Volume I and III of the Romanian Handbook.

The preparation of the first issue was carried out by hand, each stamp being individually printed by a simple press. The original sheet consisted of 32 stamps in four horizontal rows each of eight stamps. The two upper rows show the stamps "head up", whereas the two lower rows have the reverse arrangement. This was technically necessary because the printing press could not accommodate four rows at a time. We thus have eight téte-béche pairs (foot to foot) formed by the second and third row.

Scott: #587aO

Scott: #584-5O

Issued: 30.4.2008

Europa The Letter

Inside #584-5: Pseudo Stamps on Envelopes


Thanks to G.B.

Scott: #720O

Issued: 23.6.2011

20th Anniversary, Stamps of Moldova

Inside #720a: Moldova #1O

Inside #720b: Moldova #2O

Inside #720c: Moldova #3O

Thanks to Prof. Plinio Richelmi and Lou Guadagno

Scott: #???O (Imprinted Envelope)

Issued: 12.10.2011

20th Anniversary, First Stamp Exhibition

Inside #???: Moldova #1O

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

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