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Mayotte officially the Departmental Collectivity of Mayotte, is an overseas collectivity of France consisting of a main island, Grande-Terre (or Mahoré), a smaller island, Petite-Terre (or Pamanzi) and several islets around these two.

Mayotte is in the northern Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean, between northern Madagascar and northern Mozambique. The territory is geographically part of the Comoro Islands, but has been politically separate since the 1970s. The territory is also known as Mahoré, the native name of its main island, especially by advocates of its inclusion in the Union of Comoros.

A referendum on becoming an overseas department of France in 2011 was held on 29 March 2009. The outcome was a 95.5 per cent vote in favour of changing the island's status from a French "overseas community" to become France's 101st department.


The postage stamps and postal history of Mayotte is an overview of the postage stamps and postal history of the Indian Ocean island of Mayotte, one of the Comoros Archipelago located on the south-east side of Africa.

Mayotte was the first Comorian Island to fall under French influence at the beginning of the 1840s. It was the French administrative and postal center in the archipelago. Between 1911 and 1975, Mayotte's postal history is the same as the other Comoros: part of the Madagascar colony, then part of the Comoros Archipelago overseas territory.

In July 1975, Mayotte's postal history diverged again because its inhabitants voted by referendum to remain a French territory. After a shortage of stamps, stamps of France were used from February 1976 to December 1996.

Since 1 January 1997, Mayotte has been philatelic autonomous and issues its own stamps. Postal operations are managed by an overseas subsidiary of La Poste.

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Scott: #230O

Issued: 20.1.2007

10th Anniversary, resumption of Stamp Issues

Inside #230:

mayotte 204b



Mayotte #204bO



mayotte 127

mayotte 154

mayotte 93

mayotte 218

Mayotte #127O

Mayotte #154O

Mayotte #93O

Mayotte #218O


mayotte 138


Mayotte #184O

Mayotte #138O


mayotte 123



Mayotte #123O

Mayotte #188O


mayotte 181c

mayotte 91

mayotte 130


Mayotte #181cO

Mayotte #91O

Mayotte #130O


Thanks to Lou Guadagno

Scott: #???O

Issued: 16.9.2011

Indian Ocean Philatelic Salon Inside #???: Mayotte #2O

 Inside #???: France #2852

Lou wrote: Mayotte will stop issuing its own stamps this year; it becomes a department of France and will use French stamps.  Perhaps the SOS in the design are meant to be symbolic of that change.

Thanks to Lou Guadagno and Prof. Plinio Richelmi

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