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The postage stamps of Ireland are issued by the postal operator of the independent Irish state. Ireland was part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland when the world's first postage stamps were issued in 1840. These stamps, and all subsequent British issues, were used in Ireland until the new Irish Government assumed power in 1922. Beginning on 17 February 1922, existing British stamps were overprinted with Irish text to provide some definitives until separate Irish issues became available. Following the overprints, a regular series of definitive stamps was produced by the new Department of Posts and Telegraphs, using domestic designs. These definitives were issued on 6 December 1922; the first was a 2d stamp, depicting a map of Ireland (including Northern Ireland, which remained a part of the United Kingdom). Since then new images, and additional values as needed, have produced of six definitive series of different designs.


Scott: #238-9P

Issued: 23.10.1967

Fenian Rising, Centenary

 Inside #238: One Cent Fenian FantasyO

 Inside #239: 24 Cent Fenian FantasyO

Thanks to Lou for the scans


Scott: #326O

Issued: 6.12.1972

50th Anniversary, Irish Stamps

#68 Inside #326: Ireland #68P


Scott: #326aO

Scott: #389O, #390O, #391P, #392O

Issued: 17.5.1976

American Bicentennial


Inside #391-92: Albany Essay of 1847O


Scott: #392aP

Reproduced on the 1976 Bicentenary of U.S. Declaration of Independence issue are two colors of the essays produced by Gavit & Co. and submitted to the Albany, New York Post Office in 1847. These are listed in the Scott U.S. Specialized Catalog under Essays as # 1Xa-E1 (no sub listing for different colors). 

Postmasters were permitted to issue the so-called provisionals in the interim before the U.S. Post Office issued regular stamps.

The Albany office did not issue its own stamps, but used the post office provisional stamps from New York City, first issued in 1845.

Scott: #392bO

Lou Guadagno wrote: Here is another very rare stamp in my collection - Ireland # 392b missing color error: no silver inscriptions and value. Only one sheet of 100 of the error was ever found, and of that amount, only 80 or so were/are available to collectors. I bought mine the first day of the Interphil 76 exhibition in Philadelphia from the David Feldman auction firm who were showing the intact balance of the sheet (75 stamps) at their booth. The stamps sold, including mine, were mailed to the buyers after the exhibition closed and the sheet was broken up. This was a major outlay of money for me at the time, and, as I had only been collecting SOS since 1967, it was money that should have gone for some of the many regular issues I still needed, but the error was so striking I had to have it!  The consideration that it was a modern rarity and would never be sold at that price again really didn’t figure into my thinking, tho the sales rep advised that after an initial 25 stamps were sold, they would sell no more at the exhibition and the price was to be increased by $100; I learned later that it was.  Surprisingly, for such a rare stamps from a country with a large collector interest, the stamp did not appreciate much in value over the years, in fact, two errors sold at auctions several years later both went for less than I had paid. I pay very little attention to market prices once I buy a stamp, but I guess catalog values only change after there are sales and this error has rarely been on the market. I decided to sent a scan of this error, even tho there are so many regular issues still to be added to the site, for several reasons: one, because it is listed in the catalogs, two, because one error sold just last month for the full catalog value of $950, and three, because I wanted to show it off!

Scott: #674-6O

Issued: 2.10.1986

William Mulready, Letter Sheet Designer


Inside #674: G.B. #U1O

Representation of William Mulready's desk with the original artwork/essay for G.B. #U1

Scott: #803-4P

Issued: 3.5.1990

150th Anniversary, Penny Black

 Inside #803, #804, #803a, #804a: Ireland #780P

#68 Inside #804, #804a: Ireland #68P

 Inside #804, #804a: Ireland #255O

 Inside #804, #804a: Ireland #550P

Scott: #803aO

Thanks to Lloyd Gilbert for the scan

 Inside #803a: Ireland #552P

Scott: #804aO

Thanks to Lloyd Gilbert for the scan

Scott: #804bO

Thanks to Lloyd Gilbert for the scan

Scott: #1067O

Issued: 29.5.1997


Inside #1067 (In margin): Pseudo Stamp


Scott: #1082O, #1083P, #1084O

Issued: 27.8.1997

75th Anniversary of the State

 Inside #1082: Ireland #128P

 Inside #1083: Ireland #82O

 Inside #1084: Ireland #C7O

Scott: ???? P

Scott: #1095O

Issued: 5.12.1997

75th Anniversary of the State

#68 Inside #1095: Ireland #68P

Scott: #1096P

Sheet of 12: #1045-6, #1055-6, #1083, #1095

Scan not available

Scott: #????, #????O

Issued: 18.2.2000

St. Patrick's Day Greetings

 Inside #????-?: Ireland #96O

(modified: Inscriptions, value omitted)

Scott: #1237aO

Issued: 22.5.2000

Stamp Show 2000 Exhibition

#1 AA Inside #1237 (In margin of sheet - in show logo): G.B #1

Scan not available

Scott: #????, #????O

Issued: 17.2.2001

St. Patrick's Day Greetings 2001

 Inside #????-??: Ireland #96O

(modified: Inscriptions, value omitted)

Scan not available

Scott: #????O

Issued: 27.2.2001

Centenary, Irish Philatelic Society

#68 Inside #????: Ireland #68P

(modified: Inscriptions, value omitted)

Scan not available

Scott: #????

Issued: 16.2.2002

St. Patrick’s, Imprinted Envelope, Post Card

 Inside #????: Ireland #96O


Scan not available

Scott: #????

Issued: 26.4.2002

Anti Reactor Campaign, Post Card

#68 Inside #????: Ireland #68P, modified


Scott: #1694CO

Issued: 12.5.2006

Belgica 2006

Inside #1694C: Pseudo Stamp

Thanks to G.B.



Scott: #1824-33O

Issued: 03.04.2009

25 Anniversary, An Post

Inside #1824-5: Stamps on Envelopes

Scott: #1895O

Issued: 26.8.2010

Art of engraving – Joint issue with Sweden Inside #1895: Sweden #1141O (color and value changed)

Thanks to Martin Hirschbühl

Scott: #????O

Issued: 05.10.2017

Post crossing

 Inside #????: Pseudo Stamps

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