Cambodia stamps

P=have O=don’t have it

Flag of Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia with a population of almost 15 million people (Capital city - Phnom Penh). Cambodia is the successor state of the once powerful Hindu and Buddhist Khmer Empire, which ruled most of the Indochinese Peninsula between the eleventh and fourteenth centuries.

A citizen of Cambodia is usually identified as "Cambodian" or "Khmer", which strictly refers to ethnic Khmers. Most Cambodians are Theravada Buddhists of Khmer extraction, but the country also has a substantial number of predominantly Muslim Cham, as well as ethnic Chinese, Vietnamese and small animist hill tribes.

The country shares a border with Thailand to its west and northwest, with Laos to its northeast, and with Vietnam to its east and southeast. In the south it faces the Gulf of Thailand. The geography of Cambodia is dominated by the Mekong river (colloquial Khmer: Tonle Thom or "the great river") and the Tonlé Sap ("the fresh water lake"), an important source of fish. The low geography of Cambodia's fertile areas means much of the country sits nearly below sea level, and consequently the Tonle Sap River reverses its water flow in the wet season, carrying water from the Mekong back into the Tonle Sap Lake and surrounding flood plain.



Scott: #C52O

Issued: 2.11.1974

U.P.U. Centenary

#1435a Inside #C52 (In Margin): US #1434-5P

Thanks to Lou Guadagno

Scott: #1175-80P, #1181O

Issued: 16.11.1991


Inside #1175-81: Pseudo stamps

Scott: #1182O


Scott: #1533O

Issued: 5.7.1996

Early Aircraft

#c3a Inside #1533 (In Margin): US #C3aO