Bechuanaland Protectorate stamps

P=have O=don’t have it

The Bechuanaland Protectorate (BP) was a protectorate established on March 31, 1885 by Britain in the area of what is now Botswana.

Bechuanaland meant the country of the Bechuana (now written Batswana or Tswana). The southern part of the territory of Bechuanaland was divided into British Bechuanaland, a colony which later became part of the Cape Colony (and is now in South Africa). This is the area around Mafikeng (then called Mafeking). The northern part was the Bechuanaland Protectorate; its territory was expanded north in 1890.

The British government originally expected to turn over administration of the protectorate to Rhodesia or South Africa, but Tswana opposition left the protectorate under British rule until it became independent as Botswana in 1966.

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Scott: #151O (CD308)

Issued: 10.10.1949

UPU Issue

Inside #151: Stamps on Envelopes