The links in the following table will take you to informational articles dealing with various topics regarding stamps on stamps. The articles were selected, in part, to demonstrate some of the rich diversity of collecting approaches to the stamp on stamp thematic, from the basic subject of stamps on stamps, through specialization of one country, on to collecting the thematic on postal stationery, and pursuit of the thematic based on an additional element (the magnifying glass).

The first article is taken from, with permission of the organization, The 1982 American Philatelic Congress Book. The remaining articles are taken from our official journal, SOS SIGNAL. In due course, we will be adding additional articles. We hope you will come back and visit us again to see what additions we have made to our website.

Note: At the end of each article, you will find a link to bring you back to the beginning of the table. Please feel free to visit as many of the articles in which you have an interest.



        Stamps on Stamps: The Logical Topical, by Bunny Kaplan


        Philatelic Echoes of Empire: Jamaicas One Shilling Invert Frame By Richard Howard


        The Stamp Whispers, the Letter Speaks, By Martin Hirschbühl


        The Consequential Sequence, By Martin Hirschbühl With illustrations by Lou Guadagno


        Soviet and Russian Postal Stationery, By Gaston Barrette


        Classic Stamps and Postmarks on Stamps of Spain, By William E. Critzer


        Postal Stationery: a Worthy Collectible, By Gaston Barrette


        Stamps Under Glass (SUG Revisited), By Judy Hornaday


        More Cinderellas of the Penny Black Centenary, By Wes Shellen


        United Nations Souvenir Cards and SOS, By Harry Skallerup




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